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Workman using a micrometer on L-6 scroll case bolts after tightening.
Concrete breaker used to tighten bolts on L-6 scroll case
Col. Basin Proj., Grand Coulee Dam.--Lowering the turbine runner for the No. 1 Shasta Dam generator, of 75,000 kw. Capacity, moved to Grand Coulee Dam with another machine of like size to expedite delivery of new power to Pacific Coast war...
Bolts and nuts weighing 193 pounds, couple the sections of the shafts for the two 75,000 kilowatt Shasta generators being installed in the Grand Coulee Dam left powerhouse. The bolts are five inches in diameter and 25 inches long. Each section of...
Lower face is shaft to water wheel--upper face is 74 ton shaft connecting to rotor shaft. Shaft above is being lowered into place. The two faces are being carefully cleaned and inspected to insure perfect union. There does not dare be any metal...
Men sighting through bolt holes to line them up as 74 ton shaft is lowered into place.
Stator and bracket assembly for main unit L-6, weighing 335 tons, being lifted into its permanent position in bay 6. Two travelling cranes, with a lifting capacity of 375 tons each, are shown carrying the unit from its temporary point of assembly,...
Shaft for Shasta generator being lifted preparatory to seating upright in operating position for construction of rotor
One step in the assembly of rotor of Shasta generators to be used in west power house
Spider on west end of dam enroute to right powerhouse. The dimensions of the spider are: Length; 27'-7"" Width; 16'-4"" Depth; 6'-1""
The spider for the L-7 generator, after being heated to cause it to expand, is being lowered onto its shaft. It is partially covered with canvas to keep it warm until it is in place.
Col. Basin Proj., Grand Coulee Dam.--Rotor for main generator unit L-6 in the west powerhouse at Grand Coulee Dam being carried to final position by two overhead travelling cranes using an equalizing beam. The rotor, 31 feet in diameter, weighing...
""Look at that beautiful water, Maw,"" exclaimed Mr. George C. Green to his wife as the viewed the Grand Coulee Dam spillway from the parking lot overlooking the west powerhouse. His statement was not unusual in the way of tourists but the mode of...
Scale model of Grand Coulee Dam
Scale model of Grand Coulee Dam
Man stands on the rotor--which nears completion
41 degree, cast steel elbow, installed between penstock reducer section and needle valve in bay R-9 of the right powerhouse at Grand Coulee Dam. Eight needle valves, each having an 84-inch discharge, are being installed in the right powerhouse....
Huge wicket gates stored on generator deck is wiped off by H.R. Ramm, U.S.B.R. foreman.
A tight fit. The clearance between the huge 25-foot rotors and the stators of the two 75,000 kilowatt Shasta Dam generators, being installed at Grand Coulee Dam to make additional power available for war industries, is only 5/8 inch. Lowering this...
Columbia Basin Project. Irrigation Division. Bacon Siphon, Specifications 1236, T.E. Connolly Inc., Contractor. Bacon Siphon and Main Canal looking upstream from top of cliff above inlet to the Bacon Tunnel. Canal is completed with inlet structure...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Soap Lake Siphon, Specs. 2411. This photograph taken from concrete section 84A, looking upstream, shows a man on section 82A. Infra-red was used to accentuate the cloud effect. Work is being performed...
Winton-Utah Contract on West Canal under Specs. 1286. This view, looking east, shows (right to left) reinforcing steel being placed for Dry Coulee Siphon No. 1, the two invert forms, which fit inside the steel for placing concrete, and the outside...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, East Low Canal, Specifications No. 1422--Utah Construction Co. and Winston Bros. Co., Contractor. Looking northeasterly over Crab Creek Siphon No. 1. Bifurcation works junction of Main, West, and East...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Soap Lake Siphon, Specifications No. 2411, Winston Brothers and Utah Construction Co., Contractors. This photograph is of the same area as photo No. 3220-04 but looking downstream. The men in the right...
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