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Transportation - Canal unlined - Negatives

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Title Transportation - Canal unlined - Negatives
Creator Wood, Ivan D.
Subject Irrigation Irrigation engineering Columbia River Watershed Nebraska
Description Images of unlined irrigation canals Columbia Basin Proj 1958 - transportation one of main canals -- Transportation, main canal Angostura Proj 1954, sand fill -- Transportation - 1958, Frenchman Cambridge Proj Nebraska - large canal - banks seeded to brome, western wheat and crested wheat grass. Banks smoothed
Date 1958 1954 2007-01-03T04:24:27Z 2007-01-03T04:24:27Z
Type Photograph
Identifier Colorado State University. Libraries
Language English eng
Relation wwdl Transportation - Canal unlined - Negatives. 1954, 1958 Papers of Ivan D. Wood. Series 3: Visual materials; Subseries 1: Photographs and negatives. Finding aid:
Format image/jpeg image/jpeg image/jpeg
Coverage Columbia River Watershed Nebraska 1954 ; 1958
Publisher Colorado State University. Libraries
Source Original: 3 negatives

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