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Guide to the Center for Columbia River History Oral Histories 1998-2000

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Title Guide to the Center for Columbia River History Oral Histories 1998-2000
Subject Dams--Oregon--History; Dams--Columbia River
Region--History; Dams--Washington
(state)--History; Hydroelectric power
palnts--Columbia River Region--History; Water-power--Oregon--History; Water resources
development--Columbia River Region--History; Idaho; Montana; Oregon; Washington; Oral
Histories; African
Americans; Agriculture; Archaeology; Business,
Industry, and Labor; Chinese
Americans; City and Town
Life; Civil
Rights; Environmental
Conditions; Fisheries and
Wildlife; Forestry and
Forest Products; Government and
Politics; Home and
Family; International
Relations; Irrigation; Japanese
Americans; Labor
History; Logging; Mexican
Americans; Mines and Mineral
Resources; Native
Americans; Pacific Northwest
History; Public
Works; Public
Utilities; Sports and
Recreation; Religion; Transportation; Women
Description This collection documents social, political, economic, scientific, and technological changes in the Columbia River Basin since the building of large federal hydroelectric dams began in the 1930s. The collection adds significantly to Columbia Basin history through its focus on dissent regarding Columbia River dams, and the varied impacts of dam building to communities in the basin. It is composed of one large project, Columbia River Dissenters, conducted by the Oregon...
Publisher Oregon Historical Society,
Research Library
Date 1998/2000
Rights The collection is open to the public. Patrons may listen to service
copies during library hours in the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.
Transcripts are also available. Some transcripts are available on the Internet
on the Center for Columbia River History Web Site; however, others are only
available for public viewing in the Oregon Historical Society Research Library.
Some restrictions to individual interviews may apply. When applicable,
restrictions are noted for individual interviews.; For audio reproduction and information on publication rights, contact
the Oregon Historical Society Research Library. OHS owns all rights to the
interviews, unless otherwise noted through narrator restriction.; Copyright Statement: The Oregon Historical Society owns copyright to
the interviews conducted in this project. Some restrictions may apply to
individual interviews.
Type Collection collection
Language eng
Format 289 audio-cassette tapes,
Coverage 1998-2000

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