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Growth of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), fed artificial diets in ponds near Corvallis, Oregon

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Title Growth of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus (Rafinesque), fed artificial diets in ponds near Corvallis, Oregon
Names Suraswadi, Plodprasop (creator)
Bond, Carl E. (advisor)
Date Issued 1970-04-27 (iso8601)
Note Graduation date: 1970
Abstract The experiment was conducted at the Soap Creek farm ponds
near Corvallis, Oregon. Oregon Moist Pellet and Purina Trout
Chow at three different rates of feeding for each diet were used
to feed fingerling channel catfish stocked at the rate of 1,000 per
acre. A complete random design and Fisher's least significant
differences tests of the means were employed to compare the
growths of fish from six treatments which were sampled at three
separate times.
The growth rates of fish from all treatments were quite
similar and the differences of the mean length and weight of fish
from each period of rearing were not consistent, which suggests
that their growth rate was not dependent upon the diets or the
feeding rate but rather upon some factor such as temperature. The standard deviations of the mean weights of fish were extremely
high, which indicates that not all fish relied on the supplemental
foods. Positive values of the amount of skewness in the weight
frequency distributions indicates that the majority of fish were
small. The mean conversion factors for both diets at any feeding
level were quite similar, which suggests that the fish did not
respond well to an increase in the amount of food available. And
since the fish in this experiment did not rely completely on the
artificial diets, the conversion factors are of little value from a
nutritional standpoint.
The production of fish in this experiment was in the neighborhood
of 66 kg. per surface acre over a period of 151 days. This
figures indicates that rearing channel catfish with supplementary
feeding in the Willamette Valley might hold promise.
Genre Thesis/Dissertation
Topic Channel catfish

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