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Applying a Collaboration Model to Collaboration Corvallis

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Title Applying a Collaboration Model to Collaboration Corvallis
Names Dugan, Dennis (creator)
Valls, Andrew (advisor)
Date Issued 2013-12-16 (iso8601)
Note Graduation date: 2013
Abstract Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis have recently embarked on a three-year series of meetings and forums (‘Collaboration Corvallis’) designed to increase collaboration between the two organizations and other relevant stakeholders as well as find solutions to worsening problems in the areas of parking, noise and student population density, among others. Organizations can embark on such collaborative processes without a clear understanding of the determinants of success or failure of such processes. Using Ansell and Gash’s (2007) development of a contingent proposition model, this research seeks to answer the question ‘to what degree do the conditions for success exist in the case of Collaboration Corvallis’? Publicly available documents were used to generate a list of stakeholders with whom I conducted semi-structured interviews. Analysis of the interviews focused on identifying conditions for success that existing research suggests are important in predicting the success or failure of a collaborative process. Overall, I found that the Collaboration Corvallis project followed the model, and where deviations existed, they were grounded in specific local contexts.
Genre Research Paper
Topic Collaborative Governance

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