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Development of a GPS-Based Transit Tracking System for Corvallis

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Title Development of a GPS-Based Transit Tracking System for Corvallis
Names Urbanski, Daniel F. (creator)
Bailey, Mike (advisor)
Date Issued 2012-08-29 (iso8601)
Note Honors Bachelor of Science (HBS)
Abstract Buses can be impractical for those who must adhere to a strict schedule or depend on them for emergencies. While variations from the official bus schedule are understandable and largely unavoidable, a lack of communication discourages adoption at a rate disproportionate with their actual likelihood. Even if a bus is running exactly on schedule, bus users have no easy way of knowing that information and those that have alternative modes of transportation will be less likely to ride the bus regardless of its actual timeliness.
The CTS BusTracker system utilizes modern technologies to provide Corvallis bus users with accurate, real-time information about the arrival times of buses within the city. The project consists of two main parts: a GPS (Global Position Satellite) tracking system that uses the bus’s positional data and route information to calculate estimated arrival times, and a communication infrastructure that allows potential bus users to query and receive this information in real time.
Genre Thesis/Dissertation
Topic Android

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