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Relation Power and the Pacific Northwest
Date 2005-04-20 to 2005-05-09
Rights This item is in the public domain. Acknowledgement of the University of Oregon Libraries as a source is requested.
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Format Scanned from originals using Silverfast AI 6.0 on UMAX Powerlook III flatbed scanner. Scanned images saved as 16 bit grayscale tiffs. 186.461 kb 8 bit - Gray Gamma 2.2 - greyscale Omnipage 14 used to OCR 8 bit tiffs and generate text files for full text access. 16 bit grayscale and 48>24 RGB color tiffs edited in Photoshop CS 8.0: cropped, rotated, reduced in size, levels adjusted, grayscale bit depth reduced to 8 and JPEGs created.
Description DEPA See Defense Electric Power Administration The Dalles Dam, 54 The Dalles, Oregon, 16 photo, 60 Defense Electric Power Administration, 58 Defense Production Act of 1950, 58 Detroit Dam (photo), 56 Dexter Dam, 56 Diefenbaker, John, 66 Digital computation technique, 93 Dill, Clarence C., 6 Dittmer, William A., 39 Dittmer BPA System Control Center, 92 photo, 93 system performance, 95 viewing room (photo), 94 Dittmer High-Voltage Test Center photo, 91 Dry Falls, 11...

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