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Shows the Nevada spillway in the background. Taken from the Arizona side of the dam, this view shows a temporary stairway, cables, hoisting machinery and other construction equipment.
Aerial view of the Hoover Dam construction site, looking upstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. The partially finished dam face is covered with concrete pouring forms and other construction equipment. Unfinished penstock openings are seen...
View of construction of the foundations of the Arizona power house in the Colorado River bed in Black Canyon. Concrete pouring forms stand in the river bed and other construction equipment can be seen. Construction workers can be seen at the site...
View of construction on the bases of the Arizona intake towers in the Hoover Dam construction site in Black Canyon.
Shows site where the intake towers are being constructed on the Arizona side of Hoover Dam. Shows high scaling equipment and various structures including the boom derrick.
View of the Hoover Dam construction site from high above showing forms for the poring of the concrete, looking downstream. There are trucks, a train along the canyon wall, and buildings in the picture. Construction equipment includes high...
This shows a construction worker operating a construction tractor which is loading dirt and rocks into the scoop on the front of the tractor.
View of Hoover Dam site, looking upstream. A railroad winds along the canyon and the Colorado River is visible above the dam site. Buildings and structures, high scaling equipment, and concrete forms are also visible.
View of Hoover Dam during construction, looking downstream. The cooling tower and refrigeration plant are visible; also shows concrete forms, high scaling equipment, and various consruction materials and trucks. There is a man in the lower...
The Colorado River flows out of the diversion tunnels in the Hoover Dam construction site in Black Canyon. Bridges are seen crossing the river and the canyon.
Photo shows various buildings and structures, railroad tracks, trucks and power lines. There is blasting taking place in the background between the mountains.
Shows construction equipment and buildings in Black Canyon. There is a platform built on the side of the canyon and a cable line overhead transporting trams.
View out of the upper portal of the unfinished diversion tunnel no. 2. A Bucyrus-Erie 43-B gas-aire shovel is seen near the mouth of the tunnel and reflected in a pool of water inside the tunnel. A man stands in the middle of the tunnel mouth.
A close-up view of the intake towers on the Arizona side of Hoover Dam during construction. They are nearly completed, but there is scaffolding at the top of the towers.
Aerial view of the Hoover Dam construction site within Black Canyon. The nearly-completed dam wall is seen in the back and the mouths of the diversion tunnels are seen in the foreground. Buildings and scaffolding stand on the river bed. Early...

Upstream view of the Hoover Dam construction. Shows concrete forms, construction buildings, and a train winding along the edge of the canyon. The Colorado River is visible above the construction site.
View from downstream on the Colorado River of Hoover Dam construction. Scaffolding and construction equipment are seen on the dam wall, in the riverbed and on the mountains. Construction on one of the intake towers is visible.

Aerial view of the Hoover Dam construction site on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Cables are suspended across the canyon and a dirt road runs along the canyon floor. Early construction on a penstock tunnel can be seen.

View from high above the canyon of the early stages of building the wooden forms for pouring the concrete in the construction of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. Vehicles and other equipment can be seen as well as hoisting equipment positioned high on...
This is a view of a truck loaded with equipment driving across a bridge spanning the Colorado River at Hoover Dam site. Construction workers and equipment are shown on the bank of the river. At the right is an abandoned temporary truck bridge.
Looking upstream on the Colorado River flowing through Black Canyon at the Hoover Dam construction site. Bridges and catwalks are suspended over the river and the newly-dug mouths of the diversion tunnels are seen on both sides of the canyon....

Night view looking upstream. A spectacular sight with its myriads of lights. Shows lighted bridges across the canyon above the Colorado River.
Aerial view of Hoover Dam from the upstream face. The intake towers are barely visible. Water can be seen flowing from the outlet works (on the other side of the dam) into the Colorado River. A portion of the plane taking the photos is visible...

Postcard showing aerial view of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area. This is a photo of the area surrounding the dam with an artist's rendering of the dam, Lake Mead (the reservoir), and the Colorado River superimposed on the photo....

Close-up view of the downstream face of Hoover Dam. Parts of the power houses are visible.

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