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Telephoto view of Hoover Dam from the upstream side showing the completed intake towers. The reservoir (Lake Mead) has begun to fill. The Arizona spillway and mountains surrounding the dam are visible.

Water streams form the outlet works of the Nevada valve house. Men stand near a wall by the Nevada power house and watch the water. The Arizona power house is also visible. There is a mountain in the background.

Shows the face of the dam with water streaming from the outlet works on the Arizona side. What appears to be a gondola car is being lowered onto the power house tracks, Also shows the power house on the Nevada side and the Colorado River.

Color transparency of the upstream face of the dam and power house at night. The dam is illuminated by electric lighting. The lights are relected in the waters of the Colorado River below the dam.

Color transparency looking towards the downstream face of Hoover Dam. Part of the Colorado River and the portals to the diversion tunnels ares visible.

Construction crew busy making forms at the bottom of Black (not Boulder) Canyon. There are tracks leading into the water that is in the canyon and there is a couple of carts sitting on the tracks. Several of the crew are digging or shoveling...
Photo shows water spewing from the outlet works of Hoover Dam. A portion of the power house is also visible.

Color transparency of the giant generators inside Hoover Dam.

View of construction on the Nevada intake towers and a portion of the roadway on the top of the dam face. Construction workers and concrete pouring forms are seen on the top of the dam face on the right. One of the Arizona intake towers can also...
Close-up of construction on the Nevada valve house. Scaffolding and temporary stairways are seen outside the structure. Lumber lies inside unfinished portals.
Close-up view of the intake towers during the latter period of the construction of Hoover Dam. The waters of the reservoir (Lake Mead) are visible below the towers and there are mountains in the background.

Color transparency showing generators in the interior of Hoover Dam. A man standing next to a generator gives perspective to the size of the generator.

Shows a man standing on the ledge across from the entrance to a diversion tunnel at Hoove Dam. Above him water is being discharged from the outlet works on the canyon wall.

A construction worker stands in front of a fence above the Nevada spillway. Construction on one of the intake towers can be seen in the upper left. Concrete pouring forms, other construction equipment and temporary buildings can be seen in the...
View of construction on roads around the completed Arizona spillway, looking downstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Curbs and guard rails are being installed. A dragline, two dump trucks and a temporary building are seen near the...
Shows the intake towers after completion. Note the concrete shingle arrangment. Shows the Colorado River below the towers.
View from above of the dam, showing the road across the top. Intake towers are visible also. Cars are on the road across the top of the dam.
Shows the top of Hoover Dam during construction. Construction workers as well as hoisting machinery and other types of equipment are visible atop the dam . Shows the start of utility and elvator towers.
Shows a downstream view of the Hoover Dam project from the crest of the dam. Power house and lower portals of diversion tunnels are seen. Buildings and structures, trucks and roads are visible also.
Shows the cleanup of the Arizona side of the lower portals. Buildings and trucks are visible. The portal juts out from the side of the canyon.
Shows work on the no. 4 plug inside a diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site. Electric lights illuminate the scene and construction equipment is visible. It shows the method of pouring concrete.
Number three plug and raise with the plug concrete in place. Also shows construction equipment.
Shows the concrete pouring forms for the upper portal trashrack for diversion tunnel no. 1 on the Nevada side.
Close-up view of the construction of the Arizona intake towers showing forms for the dome of the tower on the left, which is no. 6. Construction workers are on the very tops of the towers doing concrete work. Cables and roads are visible behind...
Shows the dam from the Nevada side. The completed road, parapets, and intake towers are visible. One of the spillways can be seen in the background. There are trucks and people on the new road.
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