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View of the downstream face of Hoover Dam, the reservoir (Lake Mead), and the surrounding area. The intake towers are visible as are some of the transmission towers. Cars are parked on the road across the top of the dam and there is a boat in...

Panoramic view of Black Canyon and Hoover Dam under construction. Two of the portals to the diversion tunnels are visible. The face of the dam is nearing completion and the concrete pouring forms can be seen. Part of the Colorado River is...
Shows the concrete pouring forms for the base of the dam. The upper cofferdam is in the background. Cableways, buildings, construction workers and trucks are visible. A railroad track runs along the side of the wall of Black Canyon.
Vew of a Six Companies Inc. trailer loaded with building materials. Some employees are posed, standing next to the truck. "La Crosse Tu-way Trailer"--Sign on trailer. The truck is loaded with rebar.
Aerial view of Hoover Dam after completion. The diversion tunnels are in use and the downstream face of the dam and the power houses are visible. There are transmission towers on the canyon walls above and one of the intake towers is visible...

Shows a general view of dam construction. Cables, buildings, and roads are visible. Concrete pouring forms can be seen at the bottom of the canyon. A portion of the Colorado River is also visible. The cement plant is partially visible at the...
Handwritten inscription on back of photo: "Rex motor mixer that has been picked off a white truck and being swung into position at tunnel #1 with load of cement." Shows hoisting machinery, railroad tracks, a steam locomotive, a suspension...

Shows the huge penstock pipes at the Babcock & Wilcox Plant near the site of Hoover Dam construction. A man is standing next to one of the pipes. A train engine is on the railroad tracks, inside one of the pipes.

Shows the giant penstocks used in the tunnels at Hoover Dam. One is on a railroad flatcar, the other is being hoisted from the railraod car. There is a construction worker standing on top of the penstock in the air.
"Upstream from observation point. Note car going down road." [hand-written inscription on back of photo] Taken from high above the Colorado River, this view shows roads, bridges, buildings and structures, and a car on the side road.

Shows the Colorado River in Black Canyon at the beginning of construction on the dam. Some cables are suspended across the river, some construction workers are on the roads next to the river, and a power shovel is visible.

Shows a truck and wood forms inside a diversion tunnel during the construction of Hoover Dam.
View of the drilling jumbo working in one of the diversion tunnels during the construction of Hoover Dam.
Shows workers using drills on the floor of Black Canyon at the Hoover Dam construction site.

View of construction in Black Canyon at the Hoover Dam site. Construction workers are standing by the railroad tracks looking at a dynamite blast that is taking place in the distance. The Colorado River is visible as are various pieces of...

Aerial view of Hoover Dam and the mountains in the surrounding area. The Colorado River and the reservoir (Lake Mead) are visible.

Aerial view of Hoover Dam showing the downstream face of the dam, the Colorado River below the dam, and the reservoir (Lake Mead) behind it. Also visible are the mountains and roads in the surrounding area.

Photo taken from quite a distance down Black Canyon, showing the downstream face of the dam, the power houses, the Colorado River, and one of the portals of the diversion tunnels.

Close-up of the lower face of Hoover Dam showing construction on the central power house at the bottom. The top portions of the intake towers are seen behind the dam face. Scaffolding is present on the dam face.

Shows construction on the two Nevada intake towers. Also shows part of the upstream face of Hoover Dam with construction going on on the top of the dam. A cableway, construction equipment such as derrick cranes, and tunnel openings are also...
Concrete pouring forms being put in place for construction of the Nevada valve house. Ropes for high scaling and temporary buildings are also visible.
Aerial view of Hoover Dam looking downstream. Lake Mead, the Colorado River, and the crest of the dam are visible.

Night view of the construction of one of the spillways at Hoover Dam. The view looks straight down into the spillway and under the bridge which spans it. The scene is lit by electric lighting. Construction equipment is visible.

Close-up of the power house at Hoover Dam.

Aerial view of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area. The outlet works are open, spewing water. The portals to three of the diversion tunnels are visible. The tops of the intake towers, the central power house, and the entire upstream face of the...

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