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In 1931, Utah joined Six Companies Inc. to raise the surety required to bid for the Boulder (Hoover) Dam contract. One of the world’s largest dams, Hoover Dam was completed in 1936 at a cost of $49 million. These scrapbooks document through...

"2301 Hoist House and Nevada Anchorage, Government Cableway August 9th, 1933. 2310 Trains on Elev. 720 Railroad Bench, hauling concrete to Hoover Dam. August 12th, 1933. 2322 Hoover Dam August 15th, 1933."

"1925 General view of Downstream Cofferdam and excavation m river bed for Power House, February 10th, 1933. 1996 View of the Himix Concrete Mixing Plant. February 28th, 1933. 1992 Looking downstream in Black Canyon from the upstream...

"1413-1414 These pictures, together with the two on the opposite page, complete the panorama of the canyon rim operations on the Nevada side of the river. In the picture to the left is shown the open cut excavation for the Nevada spillway....

"1674 Closeup of Bulkhead Gate at Upper Portal of Diversion Tunnel No. I. October 25th, 1932 1696 Part of shipment of Bulkhead Gate Structural Steel transported by special train from Los Angeles Plant of Consolidated Steel Corporation....

1506 A blast on the cableway bench excavation, on the Arizona side, above the damsite. Picture taken from lower portal of Railroad Tunnel No. 1. August 24th, 1932. 1507 Huge billows of rock and dust pour over the canyon rim and descend to...

The ever-increasing demand for energy in the southwest has led to a search for additional sources of power generation. Coal-fired powerplants currently provide most of the baseline energy in the southwest, but this must be supplemented with...
Analysis of historical nutrient data for Lake Mead indicates that the fertility of the reservoir has decreased which may be the cause for a corresponding decline in the largemouth bass population. However, it appears that fertility can be...
A pamphlet print March, 1925 for distribution to all Los Angeles water and electric consumers regarding the potential for the Colorado River to provide water and hydroelectric power to Southern California.
A press release printed March 13, 1931 for distribution to Southern California weeklies and dailies regarding the interaction between the Boulder Dam and the Colorado River Aqueduct construction.
Map of the Colorado River Basin below Boulder Dam.
Images of Hoover Dam and surrounding area
'Cartography by W. C. Kainsinger, W.T. Taylor. Field mapping by K. R. Reed, G. Boyd. Typography by W. R. Williams.' 'Copyright by Automobile Club of Southern California. C-21351.' 'C-1352'--Panel. Index on verso. In lower right corner: 'Map number...

Discusses the Boulder Canyon Dam Project (Hoover Dam) and the plan to bring water from the Colorado River to the fifteen cities of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California by means of the Metropolitan Aqueduct. Includes illustrations...
View of the downstream face of Hoover Dam. The intake towers and reservoir (Lake Mead) are seen above the dam. A cableway spans the dam with hoisting machinery suspended from it. Some of the transmission towers can be seen. Cars and people are...

View of the completed downstream face of Hoover Dam. A portion of the power houses is seen at the base of the dam with the Colorado River between the Nevada and Arizona sides. Black Canyon is seen in the background.

View of the top of the dam from the Arizona side. There are automobiles on the road across the top of the dam. Intake towers are in the forground and also in the background. The water in the reservoir (Lake Mead) is over two- thirds full. A road...

View of Hoover Dam from downstream on the Colorado River. The Nevada power house is vivisble on the left, and water is being discharged from the outlet works of the Arizona valve house on the right. The diversion tunnel portals and a steel bridge...

This shows a room filled with machinery. In the center of the room are three motors that appear to be bolted to the floor. On the right side of the photo there are large wheel turning valves. The left side of the photo shows a workbench pushed up...
High scalers work on the cliff face above the unfinished portals of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2. Construction equipment, trucks and workers are seen on the road in front of the tunnels. Rigging and ropes hang from the cliff face.
This picture shows blasting in Black Canyon to scale down the canyon walls so that the intake towers can be built for Hoover Dam. Part of the river is visible.
This is a view of the interior of a diversion tunnel when the first 40 foot concrete slab was poured to line the tunnel during construction of Hoover Dam. Lights illuminate the scene and a construction worker can be seen.
Speech highlighting the history of Lake Mead and the "recreation partnership" between the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and National Park Service
Images of Hoover Dam (Boulder Canyon Dam) penstocks. First three images read, "R. E. Glover," and third image also reads, "Boulder unit A-8 After about 2 hr operation. Light ones and original red paint. Dark areas bare metal."

Two reports entitled "Water Temperatures in Boulder Canyon Reservoir" by W. E. Green and "Examination of Current Studies of Structural Problems of Hoover Dam" by H. M. Westergaard

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