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Center of the photo shows diversion tunnel no. 2 with the curved trashrack barricade being constructed in front. Rebar extends up from the concrete barricades. A train trestle runs across the photo, above the diversion tunnel. Cables can be seen...
Shows the interior of a valve house. Note three gates and needle valves have been installed.
View of Hoover Dam during construction. The view was taken from high above, looking downstream, and shows the intake towers, roads, buildings and structures, a cable across the dam, and the reservoir (later known as Lake Mead).
View,looking downstream, of Hoover Dam and the intake towers. There is a boat on Lake Mead (the reservoir).
Shows the Nevada construction adits, valve house and plug adit portal. Note the absence of the compressor plant. The beginning of the upstream of the lower portal road tunnel is visible. Buildings and structures, roads, and cables are visible.
Shows the interior of a power house turbine gallery during the construction of Hoover Dam.
Right side of image shows three drum gates in varying stages of installation. Foreground gate is the most complete. Cable way can be seen across the top. Concrete forms are on the left.
Shows concrete pouring forms for the portal of no. 4 raise.
Shows construction, looking downsteam into no. 4 raise from the Arizona spillway bridge at Hoover Dam.
Shows construction men working on an intake tower and bridge. They are lowering the trashracks into their respective slots. Also shows a crane and hoisting machinery. Cables cross overhead.
View, looking toward Arizona intake tower control house, of construction workers placing concrete forms for pouring on the bridge. There are workers standing on top of the control house, too. A crane can be seen in the right background of the...
View of Hoover Dam construction site with the intake towers and Colorado River visible above. The power houses are under construction at the base of the dam. A cable spans the canyon and several construction buidngs are shown. There is high...
Construction workers are seen working amid the wood and steel framework during construction of the Arizona power house. Unfinished penstock tunnel portals can be seen in the canyon wall in the background.
View of construction on the Arizona spillway and the no. 4 penstock raise. Black Canyon surrounds the construction site. An electric dragline and trucks are seen on the dirt road above the spillway.
Close-up of framework inside the unfinished opening of a penstock tunnel. Construction workers can be seen in the foreground on what appears to be a transportation track.
Close-up of the partially-completed construction on the Arizona spillway.
Aerial view of the Hoover Dam construction site in Black Canyon. Construction on the intake towers is seen in the canyon walls behind the dam face and construction on the power houses is seen in the river bed in the foreground. Cables crossing the...
View of Hoover Dam and power house under construction. Buildings and structures, concrete pouring forms, cables, and a crane can be seen. Some construction workers and trucks are also pictured. Above the dam part of an intake tower is sticking up.
This photograph shows construction workers using a hose attached to a tank filled with water to water down the dirt at the Dam site. The water tank is attached to a truck bed. Three workers are operating the water hose. Two other workers are...
Shows the Nevada intake towers during construction. Taken from the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam site, hoisting equipment, a train trestle, a temporary stariway up the side of the canyon and concrete forms are visible. In the upper right corner...
View of the Hoover Dam construction site, looking upstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. The partially finished dam face can be seen on the right, with concrete pouring forms and other construction equipment. Construction of the Nevada...
Close-up of scaffolding and construction on one of the power houses in the Hoover Dam construction site. Sections of pipe and other construction equipment can be seen on the ground in the foreground.
View of construction on the downstream face of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. Scaffolding, ladders, concrete pouring forms and other construction equipment are seen at the site.
View from donwstream on the Arizona side of the Colorado River of concrete pouring construction on Hoover Dam. Construction workers are seen amid multiple concrete pouring forms and scaffolding. A suspended concrete pouring bucket is seen in the...
View of the Hoover Dam construction site from high above the canyon. The Colorado River is visible above the dam site. A cable spans the canyon, there is a train winding along the canyon wall, and construction roads are visible. Some buildings...
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