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Close-up of 8 cubic yard capacity bucket used in placing concrete in dam forms. It is suspended by hoisting machinery. This photo is a postcard.

Shows men scaling the walls of Black Canyon to set dynamite blasts. Below and in the background buildings on the cofferdam are visible.

Aerial view of Hoover Dam taken from the Arizona side. The Arizona spillway, intake towers, and reservoir (Lake Mead) are visible. Shows two buildings at the upper left of the photo. Mountains and road in the area are shown.

View of the construction of Hoover Dam showing the upstream face, the power houses, and some of the portals to the diversion tunnels. Part of the Colorado River is visible.
Night view of the downstream face of Hoover Dam. Electric lighting illuminates the face of the dam, the intake towers, and some transmission towers.

Shows the downstream face of Hoover Dam, the power houses, and the Colorado River waters below the powerhouses. Transmission towers are visible on the cliffs above.

Close-up of construction on the lower face of Hoover Dam. Scaffolding is visible on the dam face and concrete pouring forms are seen on the top of the dam face.

Concrete pouring forms are being put in place as part of the construction of the Arizona power house. Construction materials and workers are visible.
View of Hoover Dam during construction. The power houses are visible; concrete work is progressing on them. The intake towers are peeking above the dam's upstream face. Cables span the canyon and there is a tiny construction hut perched on...
Aerial view of Hoover Dam showing Lake Mead and the surrounding mountains. Fortification Hill is at the upper right.

View of the upstream face of Hoover Dam during the latter stages of construction. The partially-constructed power houses are visible. Concrete pouring forms, cables, and the tops of the intake towers can be seen.
Close-up view of the power houses at Hoover Dam. Water is trickling from the outlet works and a portion of the upstream face of the dam is visible. The valve house on the Arizona side is shown.

Shows Lake Mead (the reservoir) on the downstream side of the dam. The lake is almost filled. The spillway and intake towers are visible. Cars are parked along the road leading to the dam.

View of a power house at Hoover Dam.

View of the spillway and the reservoir (Lake Mead). Lake Mead is completely filled at this point. Transmission towers and electric lines are visible in the background.

President Franklin Roosevelt speaking standing at a lectern at the dedication of Hoover Dam on Sept. 30, 1935.
Shows upstream side of the dam with the almost-finished intake towers. Also shows the mouth of a diversion tunnel and derrick cranes on both sides of the canyon. The reservoir (Lake Mead) has begun to fill.

Water pours from the outlet works of the valve house on the Arizona side. Also shows some construction workers standing by a wall near the Nevada power house and looking at the water. There is also a truck in the picture and a mountain in the...

Shows the face of the dam with water streaming from the outlet works on both sides. Also shows the central power house, the mouth of a diversion tunnel on the Nevada side, and Fortification Hill in the background.

Color transparency showing the top of the dam. Intake towers and a spillway are visible. Part of the upstream face of the dam is visible and there are cars parked on the road which crosses the dam. The reservoir (Lake Mead)is almost filled at...

Color transparency of the upstream face of Hoover Dam, showing the intake towers, the reservoir (Lake Mead) and the surrounding mountains.

Exterior view of diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site during construction. Photo shows the Colorado River flowing through the tunnel and scaffolding around the partially constructed tunnel.
This is a view of construction workers working on a tunnel at the Hoover Dam site. There are two construction workers standing to the side of a track leading from a tunnel in the side of the mountain. There is a is a construction worker operating...
Color transparency showing aerial view of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Also shows a portion of the Colorado River.

View of the Hoover Dam construction site looking downstream on the Colorado River in Black Canyon. The nearly-completed dam face, intake towers and spillways are seen. Cableways run over the canyon above the dam face and remaining construction...
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