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A Union Pacific Streamline train is seen at the dam site near the dam wall. Sections of temporary stairways are seen attached to the mountain side. Construction on one of the intake towers is also seen.

View of the mouths of diversion tunnels no. 1 and no. 2. A steel bridge crosses the Colorado River over Black Canyon.

Photo shows a crane transporting cement mixers pouring the concrete lining in a diversion tunnel for Hoover Dam. Workers and equipment are visible in the interior of the tunnel.
Construction workers are operating machinery to finish slabs in the invert lining of a diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam site.
View of the Colorado River flowing through Black Canyon at dusk. Bridges and catwalks illuminated by electric lights span the canyon over the river. Other electric illumination is seen throughout the construction site.

View taken far away of Hoover Dam. Very little detail is visible but shows the terrain and mountains surrounding the dam.

Aerial view of Hoover Dam looking from the side. The face of the dam is visible as are the intake towers behind it. Part of Lake Mead (the reservoir) is visible. The spillways can also be seen as can roads leading to the the dam and across it.

Aerial view of Hoover Dam and surrounding area taken from the side. Shows the downstream face, the intake towers, the spillways and the reservoir (Lake Mead). Roads leading to the dam can also be seen.

View of downstream face of Hoover Dam showing the power houses and tops of the intake towers.

Shows construction of Hoover Dam from the downstream side. Concrete pouring forms are shown as the face of the dam takes shape. One of the intake towers is under construction. A temporary suspension bridge is visible and cables span the canyon...
Aerial view of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area showing Lake Mead (the reservoir) and part of the Colorado River. Water is flowing from the outlet works, and the intake towers are visible behind the dam. Shows the downstream face of the dam.

Panoramic view of Hoover Dam and area including Fortifiction Hill in background. The photo was taken looking towards the downstream face and shows the power houses, some of the portals to the diversion tunnels, the Colorado River, and Lake Mead...

Close-up of the concrete pouring forms for the face of Hoover Dam. Construction workers can be seen.
Aerial view of Hoover Dam showing the downstream face, the intake towers, and the spillways. Lake Mead (reservoir) is forming above the dam and roads are visible around and leading to the dam.

Shows construction at the lower portal of Hoover Dam. Part of the bridge is visible as are trucks, buildings, and construction workers. Part of the Colorado River is visible and also the wall of Black Canyon.

View of a transport bus called a "Big Bertha", transporting construction workers to the Hoover Dam construction site. A car is visible behind the truck and there are pipes in the background of the photo which were used in the dam's construction.

Downstream face of the completed Hoover Dam with the diversion tunnels in use. The outlet works and power houses are visible. A cableway spans the canyon and some transmission towers are visible high up on the canyon walls. Part of the Colorado...

Panoramic view of the Hoover Dam construction site. One of the lower portals to a division tunnel can be seen. Buildings, trucks, and the cofferdam are also visible. A portion of the Colorado River is in the scene.
Shows men and trucks working on the cofferdam at the Hoover Dam site. Power shovels and other construction equipment are also visible.
Shows giant penstock pipes and two automobiles at the Babcock & Wilcox Plant, near the construction site of Hoover Dam.

View of the crest of Hoover Dam from the Arizona side. The intake towers stand in the middle of the photo. The spillway on the Arizona side is in the foreground. The Nevada spillway is in the background. The reservoir is over two-thirds full....

"Downstream from upper portals. Note the two portals on Arizona side of river and new suspension bridge under construction."[hand-written inscription on the back of the photo] Cables are visible overhead and a truck is also in the picture.

"Towards canyon, top of shed is to be entrance to Nevada spillway. Water will be up to about the top of shed". (hand-written inscription) Shows site of the future entrance to the Nevada Spillway in Black Canyon. There is a truck parked at the site.

"View of upper portals tunnel #1. showing R.R. trestle and gate works." (inscription on back of photo) Concrete pouring forms are visible in the diversion tunnel.

Shows construction workers, truck, and power shovel inside a diversion tunnel at the Hoover Dam construction site. Electric lights illuminate the scene.

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