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View of construction on the Arizona power house. Framework and concrete pouring forms cover the powerhouse site. The dam face is seen in the background. Construction workers and equipment, vehicles and temporary buildings are seen in the...
General view of the Himix and cement blending plants. A train and aggregate bins are visible above on the side of the canyon.
View of construction of the Arizona power house at the dam site. Hoisting equipment, cables, trucks and construction workers can be seen. Various buildings and structures are pictured as well as roads and concrete pouring forms.
This photograph shows workers operating a power shovel to dig dirt and rocks and put them in a truck at the Hoover Dam site. The picture also shows an air compressor.
View of the intake towers and the spillway on the Arizona side of the dam during construction. Hoisting equipment, concrete forms, and high scaling equipment can be seen.
View of construction on the foundations of the Arizona intake towers and on the Arizona spillway in Black Canyon. The partially finished face of Hoover Dam is seen in the lower right.
Close-up of the concrete pouring forms for the Arizona power house retaining wall. Some concrete has already been poured. Temporary buildings, construction workers and vehicles can be seen in the background at the foot of the Hoover Dam face.
View of construction on the upstream face of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. Scaffolding, concrete pouring forms and other construction equipment are seen around the site. Temporary buildings and trucks are seen in the foreground.
View of the Nevada spillway, nearing completion, looking upstream from the Colorado River in Black Canyon. Concrete pouring forms and construction equipment are visible on the spillway walls and floor. Power lines are seen running overhead, and...
Photo shows the site of the construction of the intake towers on the Nevada side of the dam. High scaling equipment, a crane, scaffolding, construction buildings and equipment are visible.
This shows a view looking down into Black (not Boulder) Canyon during early stages of construction of Hoover Dam. The Colorado River is in the process of being diverted and construction equipment and workers can be seen in the foreground.
he photo shows two construction dump trucks sitting in front of heavy equipment. This machinery appears to have some sort of pulley apparatus with a bucket attached for hauling dirt or rocks from the construction site. There are two construction...
Construction photo of Hoover Dam. Shows a train winding along the canyon, concrete forms, buildings and structures above the dam, construction roads, high scaling equipment and a cable suspended over the canyon. The Colorado River is visible...
Freight cars carrying buckets of concrete are seen on a temporary railway built onto the canyon wall at the Hoover Dam construction site. Concrete setting in pouring forms in the dam site and construction workers are seen below.
Panoramic view of construction in the upper cofferdam of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon. A dragline is seen in the middle of the canyon floor. Several trucks, construction equipment and construction workers are also seen in the canyon.
Two construction workers at the Hoover Dam site working with heavy machinery.
A construction worker sits in a Caterpillar bulldozer in front of an unfinished diversion tunnel portal.
View of the flooded Colorado River, facing the unfinished portal of diversion tunnel no. 3 during construction of Hoover Dam. A temporary building is seen on the riverbed in the flood waters.
View of the Hoover Dam construction site within Black Canyon. The dam wall, intake towers and the road across the top of the dam wall are nearly complete. Construction equipment and buildings are seen in the mountains, and the Colorado River can...

Construction site of Hoover Dam in Black Canyon, looking upstream. Above the site is the Colorado River. Shows concrete forms, a train winding along the wall of the canyon, various construction buildings, hoisting machinery, and a cable...
Overhead view of construction on the dam wall. Concrete pouring forms and buckets are seen.

View of multiple concrete pouring forms and framework for the intake towers on Hoover Dam. Construction workers, equipment, roads and structures can be seen in Black Canyon, and the Colorado River can be seen in the distance.

Interior view of construction on the Nevada side of the no. 2 diversion tunnel. The tunnel walls are illuminated by electric lights. A truck and workers are seen in the middle of the tunnel floor.

Construction workers are operating a power shovel, dumping dirt into a dump truck in a diversion tunnel at Hoover Dam. This is in the early phase of dam construction.
View of high scaling operations in Black Canyon. Cables are suspended over the canyon.

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