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Label on verso: WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION, M-9; STATE OF WASHINGTON; Date: 3/4/41; OP No. 65-2-93-146; Zone 1; Photo by Morgan Fitz, Camp Kettle; Title: Columbia Basin Clearing Project; Caption: Hawk Creek Bend. One of the widest points of the...
Label on verso: WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION, M-9; STATE OF WASHINGTON; Date: 6-6-40; OP No.; Zone 1; County: Stevens; City: Kettle Falls; Neg. C-586-A; Title: Columbia River Resrvoir Clearing Project; Caption: Bridge across the Columbia River...
Caption on image: WPA Workers Returning for Dinner After A Hard Day's Clearing In Remote Areas Along the Columbia River.

Caption on verso: Just Above dam

US WPA 449

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Sepia image of the rock formation known as Palisades -- a segment of the Columbia River basalt formations. The Palisades sit up on the hillside above the banks of the Columbia. At the base of the rock formation are deciduous trees mixed in with a...
A tinted photographic postcard. At the top in red is the legend "Cascade Locks, Columbia River". A steamship is shown going into the locks. Passengers or crew can be seen on its three decks; along both sides of the locks are small groups of men...
A black-and-white photograph of a waterfall identified as Ghost Falls, and said to be a section of Wah-kee-na Falls, located off the Columbia River Highway. The water seems to both be running over tiers of rounded rocks, and to have a second level...
A black-and-white stereoscopic view published by C.E. Watkins. The caption reads "Castle Rock, Columbia River". A rocky beach is in the foreground. Across the river deciduous trees line the river, with evergreens behind them and covering the low...
Brief article detailing the use of fishing wheels for catching salmon on the Columbia River. Most of the page is taken up by a drawing of a fishing boat equipped with a fishing wheel. The drawing shows four men on the boat who are pulling the fish...
A black and white view of the Cascade Locks on the Columbia River, approaching from the west. The locks were completed in 1896 and submerged in 1938 with the completion of the Bonneville Dam. In the photograph, the lock gates are closed. A town is...
A black and white image of a view from above the Columbia River. There is a paved road with a fence along it in the foreground. A sign beyond the fence warns that "no parking on pavement is allowed". The road appears to be running along a cliff in...
A black and white photograph of what has been identified as a wooden burial structure on the top of Memaloose Island in the Columbia River. At least 18 skulls and half a dozen long bones sit on top of the board roof of a wooden hut-like structure....
Black and white image of a fish wheel along the banks of the Columbia River. In the background are mountains and trees lining the riverbank. Several houses can be seen on the opposite shore. The fish wheel juts out from the riverbank in the...
View upstream at Cascades of Columbia River. River is seen rushing between two large rocks. In the background is a mountain. Conifers line the shore. It is a bright, sunny day.
Columbia River power development treaty in Washington
Scrapbook of photographs and clippings highlighting major projects--and ceremonies for projects--Gilbert Stamm presided over while commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation

Collection includes miscellaneous accounts, receipts, etc. regardting the Columbia River Transportation Co. Columbia Transportation Company merged with the Seattle Steam and Navigation Company in 1891, creating the Columbia River and...

Excavation at dam site - looking east.
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