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Album leaf 10: Panorama, 4/20/34<br><br>PH Coll 238.10
Caption on image: Indian town of Inchelium will be moved to higher ground.[Grand Coulee Dam 266]

Caption on image: "There will always be a Marcus", F.E. "Sunny" Horn, Mayor of Marcus since 1932, wants you to know. He points to the town's new site on a bench well above high water mark of the lake being formed behind Grand Coulee dam on which...

A photographic postcard that has been hand-tinted. The legend in red at the top reads "Tonging for Toke Point Oysters, near mouth of the Columbia River". More than a dozen men are each standing a wooden boat. The boats are flattened in profile and...
Colored image of two men standing on the shoreline looking at Celilo Falls on the Columbia River.
Colored image of Castle Rock on the Columbia River. This is a winter scene with snow on the riverbanks and tree limbs. Bare trees line the riverbanks of the Columbia River, merging with the green fir trees in the background. The view is centered...
A black-and-white photo. The caption written on it in white ink says "Ice blockade, Columbia River. Arlington, Ore. Jan. 19, 1909. Foto by, M.E. Shurte." A fishing or tug boat and two row boats are hemmed in by the ice on the river. Butted up...
A black-and-white stereoscopic photograph with the caption "View on the Columbia River, Middle Block House, Cascades". Printing on the cardboard mounting indicates it is number 1264 in the set of "Watkins' Pacific Coast" views of the western...
3 aerial photographs and a guide map of the Bonneville Dam area taken in 1939 as part of the OCSW river survey.
1 p. A brief column and two photographs by H. H. Shank describing the scenic beauties of the Columbia River and its shores, which according to him compare advantageously in picturesque attraction with those of the Rhine in Germany. He also touches...
1 p. A brief description of the Columbia River and the proposed building of the Celilo Canal between Celilo Falls and The Dalles in Oregon as an aid to inland navigation and commerce in the region.
A dramatic black and white view of a stern wheeler identified as the "Hassalo" being taken over the Cascade Rapids by Captain J. W. Troup. The boat steams through whitecaps, plumes of smoke trailing from its smokestacks. In the foreground, a crowd...
A black and white image of Castle Rock on the Columbia River. Fir trees line the riverbank and the shoreline in the immediate foreground is covered with stones and pebbles. Five rowboats or sailboats surround a small steamboat. An American flag is...
A black and white image showing construction of the Interstate Bridge across the Columbia in Portland. Men and construction equipment are visible in the image. Wooden scaffolding and utility poles are also visible. This is Vancouver - Portland...
A black and white image of men with horses using nets to sein at the edge of the Columbia River. A small sailboat is in foreground and a steamboat is on far side of river. All of the men wear hats, some wear rubber aprons and high rubber boots....
A landscape photograph of a paved roadway probably crossing the Columbia River. The view is looking down the river, with mountains and tree-covered hillsides visible on both sides of the river. On the left side of the road is an arched cement...
3 p. An article by Katherine Louise Smith giving a historical and descriptive tour of the Columbia River, including photographs of the Columbia near the Dalles, Memaloose Island, Oneonta Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and of the harbor at Portland, Oregon.
From group of images of Grand Coulee Dam, including dam construction.

A rock crew working on the pumping plant foundation. A general program of blasting and excavating a successive series of benches, the back wall of which was trimmed to the specified slope of 1/4 to 1, was followed.
1 map: 29 x 69 cm. Scale: 4.25 inches = 1 mile. Soundings are expressed in feet and show the depths at low water. Proposed extension of existing dam shown by dashed line. Proposed dredging to 20 ft at low water shown by hachures. In...

1 map : 19 x 13 cm. "Sen. Ex. Doc. No. 186, 1st sess., 47th Cong." Scale approximately 2 miles to 1 inch. A larger scale version of this map can be seen at: The next section of the map moving...

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