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U. S. Department of Agriculture Bureau of Public Roads reports of tests on Great Western Irrigation Meter. Includes 2 folded posters for Great Western Irrigation Co.

Overview of Everett Richardson, Herb Riehl, Daryl Simons and Michael Stevens' trips to Anaco and El Sombro, Venezuela, between 1968 and 1970 as part of a U.S. Naval Research contract awarded to CSU's Atmospheric Science and Civil Engineering...
T7 - 10N R68 - 70W. Scale indeterminable. Some penciled notes and colored markings. Ink on linen, coated. Map is dirty and splitting along seams.

Vortex tube sand trap in Jackson Ditch

"This special report is produced with funding from the National Park Service through a cooperative agreement with Colorado State University and printed by the Colorado Water Resources Research Institute and Colorado Water Center with funding from...
Irrigation ditches from the Yakima River crossing the Terrace Heights Wasteway of the Roza Canal near Yakima, Washington
Crossing from the top to bottom are: Roza Canal; Selah-Moxee Canal; Highway Bridge; Ray Slavin Branch of the Moxee Ditch;...
Photo shows irrigation diversion, almost completely diverting flow
Nine experiments were conducted during 1964 and 1965 to study the methods of reproduction and mode of spread of sago pondweed (Potamogeton pectinatus) in irrigation systems. Frequent treatments of sago pondweed foliage with aromatic solvent...
1966-05-13 (iso8601)
Multiple use of waste heat from power plants may become an important consideration in the development, siting, and certification of these plants. A multiple use system of components that can beneficially utilize waste heat may include home heating...
1973-09-14 (iso8601)
The North Unit irrigation District of Central Oregon, a water project developed under the guidelines of the Bureau of Reclamation, is characterized by limited water and the need for efficient utilization and control of the irrigation system. To...
1980-05-05 (iso8601)
This publication discusses the use of granular matrix sensors (GMS) for monitoring soil moisture content. It explains how to install GMS and use the recorded data for irrigation scheduling.
2013-03 (iso8601)
The influence of irrigation frequency (same amount of water per day given at different times) and nitrogen (N) fertilizer rate on water stress [stomatal conductance (gs)], N uptake, and growth (biomass) of container-grown evergreen Rhododendron...
2011-12 (iso8601)
Phytophthora pini Leonian, recently re-established from P. citricola I, is a pathogen with a wide range of forest and nursery hosts. It causes foliar infections in horticultural nurseries in Oregon, where recirculating irrigation systems are...
2012-08-31 (iso8601)
The influence of irrigation frequency (same amount of water per day given at different times) on nutrient uptake of container-grown evergreen Rhododendron ‘P.J.M. Compact’ (PJM) and ‘English Roseum’ (ER) and deciduous Rhododendron ‘Gibraltar’ (AZ)...
2012-02 (iso8601)
In recent years we have seen increasing debate over the allocation of PNW water resources. In particular there are conflicts over using the river system for irrigation vs. electricity production. Denying the hydroelectric system water implies...
1984-05-25 (iso8601)
Introduction of later maturing cultivars of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) places more seed production fields in a period of drought common to Oregon during vital stages of reproductive development. During these stages, the final yield of...
2004-11-15 (iso8601)
One of the most important tools we have been using at the Malheur Agricultural Experiment Station over the past two decades is the granular matrix sensor (GMS, Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor, Irrometer Co., Riverside, CA), which measures soil...
2005-11 (iso8601)
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