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This report is a Design Document for the calibration of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer Model Version 2 (ESPAM 2). Its goals are similar to the goals of Design Documents for ESPAM 1.1: To provide full transparency of modeling data, decisions and...
Design documents are a series of technical papers addressing specific design topics on the eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer Model upgrade. Each design document will contain the following information: topic of the design document, how that topic...
A field evaluation of closed conduit flow measuring systems was conducted to determine technically acceptable devices and develop guidelines for measuring irrigation water diversions from surface and ground water sources in the State of Idaho....
This study was requested by the Swan Falls Interim Study Committee to use existing information, reports, and studies to examine the economic impacts of subordinating the water right at Swan Falls to upstream irrigation. Chapters I outlines the...
Seventeen representative irrigation projects located between Payette and St. Anthony, Idaho were selected for study. These cooperating districts obtain their water from the Snake River and its tributaries. They range in size from 2400 to 150,000...
A methodology for obtaining least cost irrigation system specifications was developed and applied. Irrigation systems, as defined, consisted of application system and distribution system components and did not include reservoirs of any type.
One of the factors responsible for agricultural high production in the United States is the comprehensive irrigation system that has been developed for which much of the funds have come from federal expenditure. This treatise attempts to analyze,...
This study analyzed the economic effects of solving a high water table problem in southeastern Idaho near the town of Rigby. The objectives were to analyze the present farm situation and then to determine the feasibility of solving the problem by...
Agricultural Engineers and Soil Scientists from the University of Idaho joined in a cooperative effort to study what effects irrigated agriculture might have on water quality in the Boise Valley in southwestern Idaho. The Boise Valley was selected...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Pasco Settlers. At the M.E. Chefley farm, Unit 65, Mr. Chefley's father-in-law and son are helping to install 1200 feet of irrigation pipe. Here they have just completed pouring concrete for the turnout.
An aerial view of the feeder canal looking west. The surface runoff chutes on the right slope of the canal in the foreground area are at stations 45+05 and 48+60, respectively. The slide cracks are visible at the left center. A good view of the...
Specifications 2329, Morrison-Knudsen So., Inc. and Peter Kiewit Sons' Company. Progress view showing initial construction on the pump discharge outlet structure. On the right can be seen the completed invert of P-1 and P-2 conduits with the...
Issued also as thesis, University of Hawaii. Bibliography: p.91-93.
The CRITERIA model was created in the 1990s in Italy, and is based on the soil water balance computation procedures developed at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands in the 1980s. CRITERIA has been used as an analysis and regional water...
Agriculture is a major income-producing sector in the Texas economy and a large part of this economic activity originates in irrigated crop production. For example, in 1973, 50% of all grain sorghum and 46% of all cotton in Texas were produced on...
In 1968 and 1969, moisture level treatments were applied to tomatoes and citrus. Light sprinkler applications and white acrylic paint were applied to leaf canopies of tomatoes and citrus. Moisture use and yields as influenced by treatments were...
Initial construction costs and net annual changes in operating and maintenance expenses are identified for a single-component capital renovation project proposed by Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2, (a.k.a. San Juan) to the North American...
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