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The purpose of this study was to gain information regarding interrelationships among homemakers' expressed satisfaction with their houses, their expressed hierarchy of values and house design scores. The sample consisted of 40 homemakers who lived...
1966-05-03 (iso8601)
The purpose of this study was to examine the job-related expenditures of female household heads. Also examined were levels of education, occupations, presence of dependent children, employment benefits and reasons for working. A random sample of...
1974-06-18 (iso8601)
This thesis describes the archaeological site content and integrity of the Copeland site (35BE90) in Corvallis, Oregon. The Copeland site is owned by the Benton County Historical Society and is the future home of the Benton County Historical...
2005-12-05 (iso8601)
An intersection, due to its vehicle and pedestrian conflict movements, experiences complex traffic situations that might contribute to crashes. In the city of Corvallis, OR, historically more than 80% of the total crashes have occurred...
2011-06-22 (iso8601)
Reflecting an effort to broaden the scope of research concerning Mexican migration, this thesis describes the experiences of monolingual Spanish-speaking Mexican migrants in Corvallis, Oregon and explores the roles of language and culture in...
1992-05-04 (iso8601)
Although firefighting is associated with a high level of physical health, heart attacks are the leading cause of deaths among firefighters. Research has identified factors that influence health behaviors in the general public, but little is known...
2008-07-01 (iso8601)
Six hundred and forty nutrias, Myocastor coypus (Molina), were collected near Corvallis, Oregon, and examined to determine criteria of their growth and reproduction. Two hundred and eighty-nine were tagged, measured, and released to determine...
1968-06-27 (iso8601)
1975-1992; Description is based from the 1975-1977 issue; Missing issue 1982; Includes bibliographical references; Photocopy. Crater Lake, Or.: Crater Lake National Park, 28 cm.
Corvallis Trailer; 12:30 PM
New bridge Corvallis
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