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Corvallis-Albany West side; 12:30 PM
North Corvallis; 11:00 AM
10:45-Corvallis-Lebanon-Near Moores Irrigation
Avery Park: Water 23'
East Corvallis and Peoria Road; 11:00 AM; Water 23'
One of the most explosive social forces of modern-day society is the phenomenon of urban intrusion into predominantly rural areas. The recentness of this "explosion" has not yet allowed for a crystallization of conceptual clearity as to just where...
1965-05-13 (iso8601)
Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study was to measure, by the analysis of statistical and subjective data, the effects of work experience programs on disadvantaged ninth grade students. The study involved one major hypothesis: the...
1969-03-04 (iso8601)
Housing is the single most important environmental factor associated with high rates of mortality and morbidity (United Nations, 2007). Most Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, and an estimated two-thirds of that is spent in the home...
2013-07-25 (iso8601)
Americans perceive renters as less interested and less vested in their residences than owner-occupants. These perceptions stem in part from historical and current day promotion of the homeownership tenure norm. Although this has achieved its main...
2002-05-06 (iso8601)
In the realms of psychology and sociology two new theoretical models have arisen to describe the forces influencing altruistic human behavior. The first Empathy-Altruism Hypothesis (EAH), by C.D. Batson. The second is the Conceptual Continuum of...
2012-03-20 (iso8601)
The Willamette River floodplain has been highly modified by urbanization, conversion of land to agriculture, construction of dams and revetments, and regulation of flow, all of which have reduced floodplain processes that provide valuable...
2010-06-15T15:49:58Z (iso8601)
This research examines two of parameters of vectorial capacity for mosquitoes associated with catch basins in Corvallis, Oregon. The parameters of interest were determining 1) abundance of the mosquito species associated with the catch basins and...
2008-09-22T14:55:30Z (iso8601)
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