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Highway Southwest Corvallis; 12:30 PM
North Corvallis-shops; 12:30 PM
North Corvallis: 12:30 PM
North Corvallis shops; 11:00 AM
Corvallis-East; 10:45 AM
South Corvallis; 11:00 AM; Water 23'
East Corvallis; 11:00 AM; water 23'
From May through November 1963, a mosquito survey was made in the city of Corvallis, Oregon. The information obtained dealt with the species of mosquitoes found, their seasonal occurrence and the location and nature of their larval habitats. A...
1964-05-04 (iso8601)
Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis have recently embarked on a three-year series of meetings and forums (‘Collaboration Corvallis’) designed to increase collaboration between the two organizations and other relevant stakeholders as...
2013-12-16 (iso8601)
This study was conducted to observe the manner in which three local public interest organizations participated in a local, environmentallyoriented decision process. The study period began in December, 1978, with the passage of a revised solid...
1981-07-15 (iso8601)
Buses can be impractical for those who must adhere to a strict schedule or depend on them for emergencies. While variations from the official bus schedule are understandable and largely unavoidable, a lack of communication discourages adoption at...
2012-08-29 (iso8601)
A study designed to evaluate the use of floating cages for rearing fingerling and subadult channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) and fingerling brown bullheads (I. nebulosus) on a commercial basis in Oregon's Willamette Valley was conducted at a...
1971-06-22 (iso8601)
This thesis examines three newspapers in Corvallis and Salem, Oregon: the Corvallis Gazette-Times, the Oregonstatesman (Salem) and the Community Press (Salem). It examines the histories of the Gazette-Times and the Oregon Statesman as family-owned...
1977-08-12 (iso8601)
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