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Canal, water, foot bridge, and fence running along sidewalk lined with trees, Logan, Utah.

Water-filled canal with barn visible in background, Logan, Utah.

Irrigation flume is watering this field which has trees and a path on the other side of the flume, Cache Valley, Utah.

Man working on irrigated field in Cache Valley, Utah.

Irrigation system in Cache Valley, Utah.

Irrigation system at the corner of a field in Cache Valley, Utah.

Irrigation system running alongside a field of corn in Cache Valley, Utah.

Two men in an irrigated field collecting samples and taking notes in Cache Valley, Utah.

Expanse of irrigated crop fields just outside Logan Canyon in Cache Valley, Utah.

Hydrographic surveying, Logan Canyon, Utah. Two boys are being pulled across the river while sitting in a bucket hanging from a rope stretched over the water. Three men with surveying instruments are standing on the river bank.

Power plant buildings sit alongside the fast-running Logan River which is crossed by a low bridge. A horse-drawn carriage is standing on the opposite side of the river, Logan Canyon, Utah.

Men watch as water pours into an irrigation system in Cache Valley, Utah.

Mouth of Logan Canyon looking east. In the right foreground is the Island area with Canyon Road running through it; to the left is the canal.

Logan River running through Logan Canyon.

Dirt road running alongside Logan River through Logan Canyon, Utah.

Logan Canyon with Logan River running through it. Two horse-drawn carriages are on the dirt road to the right of the river.

Wooden irrigation system with field of crops behind it, Cache Valley, Utah.

Water irrigation control structure, Cache Valley, Utah.

This canal alongside a dirt road has wooden retaining walls against the hillside slope and is covered by logs, Cache Valley, Utah.

Man working on an irrigation canal in this field; mountains are in the background, Cache Valley, Utah.

Man is working on a crop irrigation system that irrigates a series of fields, Cache Valley, Utah.

Irrigation inlet for crop irrigation system, Cache Valley, Utah.

Wooden bridge and dam. Banner on bridge reads "Co-op Grocery and Drug Co.," Logan, Utah.

Waterfall behind once of the Logan River power plants, Logan Canyon, Utah.

Irrigation system and crops in Cache Valley, Utah.

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