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Grand Coulee Dam Seismograph Station, showing seismograph equipment before installation, arranged only for photographic purposes. Dr. Dead S. Carder of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey is simulating the adjustment of position of galvanometers on...
Lubricating and insulating oils, received in tank cars, are stored in a lower section of the control bay. Tanks are provided for new and used oils of both kinds; and, oil can be pumped to or from any power unit. Oil pumping equipment, with air...
Reboring drum gate girder. Machine shop--powerhouse
Transfer of 115-tin coaster gate from east forebay, Unit R-9 to west forebay, Unit L-7. This transfer (made on war surplus steel pontoon barge) will expedite starting of unit L-7 by approximately three weeks. This picture shows the coaster gate...
One steel casing for a giant turbine at the Grand Coulee Dam makes a full carload. Water from the Columbia River, falling through this 16-foot runner at the rate of 141 tons a second, will drive the biggest electric generator ever built, to...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Potholes Dam. Right rear view of contractors 24 cubic yard bottom dump Euclid. Note size of tires. Man in picture is six feet tall. Despite its size and weight, this piece of equipment has excellent...
Approximately 750,000 tons of granite will be used to loop the banks of the Columbia River below Grand Coulee Dam, protecting the shores against the 10-million horsepower in energy which the waves spent after their 350-foot fall over the dam....
Although this truck alone weighs almost 60,000 pounds, it's not uncommon for one or two huge granite armor rocks to lift the front wheels clear of the ground. A dozer, blade visible at left, solved the truck drivers dilemma in this problem. The...
Transporting spider to the powerhouse--Grand Coulee in background.
Method of suspending 1/2 of cooling barge for transportation
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Specifications No. 2324, Schedule 1, Long Lake Headworks and Concrete Canal Lining and Structures, Station 745+80 to Station 1101+29.0--Main Canal. Contractor: George B. Henly Construction Co., Inc....
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Third Section West Canal, Specifications 2844, Schedule 3. Looking downstream from station 1992+45 showing placement of concrete at approximate Station 1993+40 and placement of reinforcement steel at...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, East Low Canal, 1st Section, Specs. 1422. Aerial photo, showing general view of Broken Rock Siphon #1 and check, and typical surrounding area.
Photograph is a side angle of a topographical map where the dam will be built.
Man works on three dimensional model
Man works on three dimensional model
close up view of the three dimensional model
Synchronized trucks handling huge, heavy section of steel roof girder, transporting it to the east powerhouse
Man works with concrete during construction of Grand Coulee
Govt. inspector filling cylinder with concrete sample at a plant for compression braking test
Govt. inspector filling cylinder with concrete sample at a plant for compression braking test
concrete specimens-not yet submerged in water for testing
View of concrete specimens being tested for resistance to sulfate waters in ponds at elevation 1930 southwest of the 230-Kv switchyard at Coulee Dam. View shows cylinders, bars, and posts from test batches 48-72 setting in original alkali pond...
Testing a concrete specimen--it appears to have failed
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