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Showing general area of section ""A"" for placement of granite armor rock along the left bank of the Columbia River below Grand Coulee Dam. The section extends from the crane upstream to a point opposite the large concrete blocks, showing on the...
This view, looking downstream, shows the recently placed riprap along the left bank of the Columbia River with the surge from the stream coming in. See also picture 19286-3 which shows the surge receded.
Photograph of the cross-river ferry taken from the left side ramp. Detail of the 4-drum hoist and the cables required to maneuver the ferry may be noted. This ferry is being used to carry some 350,000 tons of riprap and armor rock from the Bull...
Specifications No. 2475, March, 23, 1949. This is picture No. 4 of a series of thirteen showing movements of the floating caisson on its initial trial run from the drydock to the spillway bucket. The caisson is at station A29+98.38/B5+97.92 at...
Floating Caisson aft section passing thru the drydock gates as it moves out into the drydock channel, where it will be moored while the Caisson Seat Frame is being assembled in the drydock. Foreground, Caisson with operating machinery on deck....
Interior of caisson drydock showing rock that is being placed in bottom. Sand will be placed on top of rock and reinforced concrete atop the sand. The four piers form the resting place for the caisson
Specifications No. 2475, March 24, 1949. This photograph was taken as the floating caisson was being submerged in the spillway bucket during its initial trial operation. The caisson barge with operating equipment is shown floating between the...
Specification No. 2475, March 24, 1949. When this photograph was taken the floating caisson was anchored by its ""A"" frame to the spillway bucket section. The caisson barge with machinery for operating the caisson is between the towers. At the...
Men test a large block and hook attached to a crane
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Soap Lake Siphon, Specs. 2411. This photograph shows the left berm of the open outlet transition being excavated to original ground, preparatory to the placing of compacted backfill against the sides of...
The Bucyrus-Erie electrical shovel loading riprap from the quarry, into a 20-yard Euclid truck. Specifications No. 2808, River Channel Improvements. Contractor: Morrison Knudsen Company, Inc. Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project, Washington
Hitch used for lifting on end of 85 ton shaft
One hundred fifty ton gentry crane being tested. Crane is lifting a thirty-seven and one half ton concrete block. This machine was built by Star Manufacturing Company of Tacoma, Washington and is installed on tracks reaching across the top of the...
Gear system used in moving large crane on top of dam. These gears are connected to wheels resting on track that extends entirely across dam.
Columbia Basin Project, Grand Coulee Dam. A view of the vertical lift hoist, block 10, with cable trays on either side and transit conduit in the background
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Bacon Tunnel. Photo shows "mucker" working inside the tunnel, T.E. Connolly Company, Inc., contractor. Location approx. 5 miles south of Coulee City, Wash.
Columbia Basin Project--Irrigation Division, Adrian Gravel Plant--Specifications #1475. Cedar Rapids 20"" x 36"" primary crusher with jaws set at 3 inches, located at Adrian Gravel Plant. Feed hopper is shown at left and blending sand conveyor...
close up view of three diamond core drill bits
Columbia Basin Project--Irrigation Division--Main Canal--Western Contracting Corp., contractor--Specifications No. 2324. This view is intended to show the transparent plastic hose used on the discharge side of the AEA pump. The plastic hose gives...
Specifications No. 2329. Picture Series 18532-3 through 18537-3. Morrison-Knudsen Co., Inc., and Peter Kiewit Sons' Co., subcontractor, Consolidated Western Steel Corp., Electric City Yard. A view of the process of mounting the stiffener rings on...
A centrifugal oil purifier, a filter, and automatic electric heater, and meter, pumps, gauges, pipes, and necessary appurtenances are mounted on a simple truck for use in various parts of the plant. The unit is designed to handle lubricating,...
This picture is an interior view of the Allis-Chalmers governor for Shasta unit U1 in L7 position showing the speedball motor, relay, and operating linkages
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, 2nd Section West Canal, Specs. 2541. Backfilling around the Winchester Wasteway turnout. Allis Chalmers HD-5 tractor with Tracto-Loader is used to place material and to pull small roller used in areas...
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