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South Coulee Dam--Cleanup placing operations on foundation, station 71+50 to 74+00. Narrow-drum roller is compacting Zone 1 and Zone 2 embankment upstream of cutoff wall. The dozer is preparing a ramp to facilitate cleanup work in inaccessible...
View over looking Coulee Dam--a new transmission tower rises.
View of a portion of the spillway section showing formwork and false work for construction of spillway bridge spans. The construction trestle appears below the formwork. Eight of the 102-inch outlet tubes are shown in use for diversion of the...
South Coulee Dam--Main Canal Headworks--View over top of barrel section taken from east upstream and west. The ladder-like templates in the middle left of the view support reinforcing steel in the hinge part of the gate section of the two west...
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, 2nd Section East Low Canal, Specs. 2603. Steel Construction Co. of Oregon, sub-contractor for J.A. Terteling and Sons. Blending machine operations. H.E. Foss, photographer.
Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation Division, Soap Lake Siphon, Specifications No. 2411, Winston Brothers and Utah Construction Co., Contractors. This photograph is a close-up of the fabrication of the half hoops. The straight bar is fed to the...
Bays 1-2 and 3 in East Powerhouse.
Progress view of the stage of construction on the R-1 scroll case.
Men working inside powerhouse
Man stands on the drum gate arch to give scale.
Wheelpit R-8 looking downstream from 965 step. East Powerhouse base.
General view of reinforcing steel at East Powerhouse base
View of the east powerhouse foundation with Grand Coulee in the background.
View of East Powerhouse and transformer deck with outlet tubes in background.
Feeder Canal. Specs. 2586. J.A. Terteling and Sons Inc., Contractors. This photograph was taken on the extreme west end of the Electric City Storage Yard. The sub-contractor, the Steel Construction Co., who have the contract with J.A. Terteling...
Progress photos of the East Powerhouse as of date.
Transformer deck at East Powerhouse
West Powerhouse from Car Skip
Looking up from pit #7 in West Powerhouse--natural illumination
Residency No. 3, Specifications 2329, Unit R-3, Second Stage Concrete, Barrel Pour No. 9 to Elevation 977.0 and Pour No. 10 Elevation 978.87 Slab, Right Powerhouse. June 17, 1949. Contractor: Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc. and Peter Kiewit Sons'...
The two 14,000 h.p. station-service turbines at the left powerhouse are embedded in concrete to elevation 951, the generator floor level.
Terrazzo machine man applying linseed oil and turpentine to floor and base of Unit L-1, elevation 991, West Powerhouse. This oil is floated for at least six hours before being removed.
Men and machines clean up debris from powerhouse area. Dam is in the background.
Construction of the Pumping Plant Structure, Grand Coulee Dam, Coulee Dam, Washington. Installation of pumping unit P-2 discharge pipe, showing reinforcing steel being placed in concrete form is the square opening of the block out which extends...
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