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Marshall Co., South Dakota Marshall Co. SWCD-34 12 mi. NW of Britton Thorpe Estate: Boating on watershed detention dam. Structure is Wildrice #3 in the Wildrice Watershed. Water area is 13 acres with 32 feet of water at deepest point. Dam stocked...

Commissioner Ellis L. Armstrong meets with the South Dakota Water Development Association and the Representatives of the following districts: Oahe Conservancy Subdistrict, Pollock-Herreid Irrigation District, Lower James Conservancy District,...

The early stage of construction showing the support footings for future bor pump house
C.D. Brehm, State Cons. Engineer; Tom Flemming, Civil Engineer and Roy Gardner, Project Engineer, examine the inlets of G.S. Dam P-6, Pattee Creek Watershed, following runoff from snowmelt in spring of 1962.

South Dakota Senator George S. McGovern spoke at the dedication of the James Diversion Dam in Huron, South Dakota. The dam, north of the city, impounds 5,000 acre-feet of water.

Lake Byron-South Dakota. A large sign erected by “Lake Byron Farmers” along the county road near the west shore of Lake Byron. Some of the lakeshore cabins are in the background. 4/24/74 Bureau of Reclamation photo by Lyle C. Axthelm

OCSD Board Directors testifying in Washington DC ? 1977 Left to right: Leonard Naessig, Glenn Overby, John Sieh, Bill Piper, Siegfried Swanhorst, Bob Hipple

John Sieh, George Piper, Curt Hohn
The Honorable Kenneth Holum, Assistant Secretary of the Interior, spoke at a banquet sponsored by the South Dakota Reclamation and Water Development Association the evening preceding the dedication of the James Diversion Dam. The dam creates a...

Kenneth Stofferahn, state legislator from Humboldt, SD, addresses over 850 people at “Stop the Oahe Canal” rally held on prairie site scheduled for original canal rt. Rally was on June 28, 1975

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