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Map constructed under the general orders of Col. J.J. Abert, Chief Top. Eng. Drawn by Edward M. Kern. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1849. Shows route pursued by US Troops in an expedition against the Navajos. Remarks also given in relation to the route.
Map of the Territory of New Mexico. Red lines on map indicate Springs, running water and Irrigating ditches. Map also shows mining districts.
Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico to accompany the Annual Report of the Surveyor General for 1862. Private land claims & Pueblo Indian Grants surveyed, Townships subdivided. Shows mining regions, towns & villages, wagon roads, trails, United...
Reduced reproduction of map of Territory of New Mexico. Compiled from the official records of the General Land Office and other sources under the direction of I.P. Berthrong, Chief of Drafting Division G.L.O., 1909. Shows Townships; Forest,...
Showing post offices with the intermediate distances and mail routes in operation on the 1st of June, 1902, also railways under construction June 30th, 1902, and the several mining districts of the territory.
Map of New Mexico. Shows railroads & counties.
Map of New Mexico. Shows railroads & state boundaries.
Railroad map of the state of New Mexico. Shows steam railroads, main and branch lines, and distance between stations and division points.
Map shows the Territory of New Mexico. This map is connected with the map of Senate Document No. 438, 2nd Session, 29th Congress. Published by order of the War Department.
Map of the Territory of New Mexico shows general land and water features, Routes, Pueblos & Indian Towns.
Map shows habitat sites along the Rio Grande from the Sierra County line to the New Mexico-Texas border. Maps depict eco-regions along the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico. Sheet 3 of 3.
Map of New Mexico, 1881.
Map of the Territory of New Mexico, 1857. Shows proposed Pacific Railway Routes.
Map of the territory of New Mexico. Compiled from official records of the General Land Office and other sources by C. Roeser, Principal Draughtsman GL.O. Photo lith & print by Julius Bien 16 & 18 Park Place N.Y.
Page 2. General Statement.
Cross Sections of Rio Grande downstream Side Highway Bridge at San Marcial, N.M. May 8 1937 and July 20, 1937.
Graph of Automatic Gage Height Recorder, and of Daily Discharge of the Rio Grande at San Marcial, New Mexico. April 13 - June 16, 1937.
40 pages.
Northeastern Soil Conservation District Amended Work Plan and Program.
Description, History, Accomplishments and Work Opportunities of SCS-CCC Camp 21-N, Manzano, New Mexico (Post Office - Mountainair)
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