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A 191 page report on the Zuni pilgrimage route through New Mexico and Arizona.
Hearings of the Commission and related correspondence and documentation relating to the Fort Hall Indian Irrigation Project, the Minidoka Project, and the American Falls Reservoir.

Hearings of the Commission and related correspondence and documentation relating to the Rio Grande Project in Texas and the Klamath Project in Oregon
Two pages of notes focusing on pilgrimages to Kolhu/wala:wa.
Pages 7-35 about the meaning, structure, composition, and performance of Zuni songs; makes reference to Kolhu/wala:wa.
Page 164 from Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History Volume 18, part 2 about rites and ceremonies related to pilgrimages to Kolhu/wala:wa
Eight pages of handwritten notes, possibly from an interview with John Niiha and Ben Kallestewa, about Kolhu/wala:wa.
13 page site survey form for Kolhu/wala:wa area in Apache County, Arizona.
Handwritten note about Mr. Edmund.
Brief note stating "The use of this film is restricted because of religious reasons. It is available on request for court purposes." No other information given.
Official copy of the law passed May 15, 1978, authorizing purchase of the land around the Zuni Salt Lake in Catron County, New Mexico
Pages 4, 67, 155, 38-41, 80-81, 111, excerpts that refer to water and water bodies, such as Zuni Salt Lake and the Little Colorado River
Transcript and original notes dated May 1, 1904, describing Zuni water sources and irrigation practices; Transcript by E. Richard Hart
Pages 12-13, in which Nasheboo speaks of the sacred land of Kothluwalawa, near the confluence of the Zuni and Little Colorado rivers, that the Zuni wished to preserve
Page 71 from book by Dorothea C. Leighton and John Adair, describing initiation rites of Zuni youth
Page 167, from correspondence from Coronado to Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, describing his adventures on the expedition into New Mexico in 1540 and a hostile encounter with the Indians there; Book translated and edited by George P....
Pages 153-156, report of Father Escalante to Pedro Fermin de Mendinueta, dated Oct. 28, 1775, dealing with Spanish relations to the Hopi ("Moqui"), Hualapai ("Cosnina") and Zuni Indians; Translated into English, edited and annotated bv Alfred...
Pages 160-161, Simpson's conclusion, recounting report of the Richard Campbell party that was said to have reached California in 1827 by overland route through the Zuni area
Pages 170-171, discussing the Richard Campbell party that reportedly reached California from New Orleans in 1827 via Zuni Pueblo and the Zuni River, New Mexico
Pages 374-379 from volume 8, discussing the journeys of William S. (Old Bill) Williams in the West and his contact with the Apache, Zuni, Hopi and other Indian peoples
Pages 148-149, covering Ewing Young's party of trappers, who in 1831 journeyed from New Mexico to California, trapping along the Salt and Verde rivers in Arizona
Handwritten letter dated July 1, 1848; in Spanish and English detailing orders from Colonel Edward W. B. Newby for the 1st Illinois Volunteers to enforce the provisions in Zuni Pueblo of a peace treaty made on May 20, 1848; features the mark of...
Pages 13, 15 and 220 from a 298 page text from University of Oklahoma press, 1968 printing; This excerpt highlights the changing understanding of the geography of the Southwest and its rivers during the exploring expeditions of the 1840s and 1850s
Pages 1-28, 52-57 from a 61-page book published by Black Cat Press in 1937, including the account of Collier's journey through the Southwest from Santa Fe to San Diego, including a route along the Gila River.
From the The Dorothy Harvey papers (1902-2005), a collection of materials focusing on the Central Utah Project (CUP), a water resource development program to use Utah's alloted share of the Colorado River. Includes correspondence, Harvey's writing...

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