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Salvage crew on a raft near the ruins of a building in the town of St. Thomas as Lake Mead submerges it.
Ferry that carried cars and people across the Colorado River to the Arizona highway

Water storage pond with pipeline in the foreground.
A man and woman standing near a car on a road that is being covered by the waters of Lake Mead
Looking east over the Las Valley towards Sunrise Mountain; the mountain and valley are covered with snow

Showing the lean-to right next to the goldfish pond at the McFarland Ranch

A group of people admiring maize on the Gilcrease Ranch. Left to Right: Ted Gilcrease; Elda Gilcrease; Charles Ward, Sheriff Gene Ward; Bill Gilcrease
Man standing on a boat traveling south on the Colorado River through Black Canyon

Ditch into which sewer empties about 15 feet downstream from sewer outlet.
Rex Bell?, J. T. Williams, and Clara Bow? Standing next to an artesian well.

Dynamite explosion breaking ground for the Southern Nevada Water Project, creating the River mountains tunnel.
A man fishing off the foundations of a house in St. Thomas
Water pumps for the Hoover Dam construction concrete plant, upper batch plant.

Gordon Bettles and two others inspecting the rye in preparation for cutting it on the T & T Ranch in the Amargosa Valley.
Aerial view of Las Vegas Blvd. and Nellis Blvd looking north.
Grinding slab metate at the Lost City with numerous holes

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., and Jake and William Beckley are shown on their Paradise Valley property with their first artesian well
Las Vegas Creek with water wheel at Las Vegas Fort.

View of the Las Vegas Valley from Railroad Pass.

Field crops on the Gilcrease Ranch in North Las Vegas. Sheep Range in the background.

Diesel pumps on the Record Ranch.
Flooding at the Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass in Las Vegas.

Flooding in Las Vegas. Sign in photograph reads "One block to Hotel Showboat"

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