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Rioville, also known as Bonelli's Landing, Nevada.

Lake Mead beginning to cover the Lost City in Moapa Valley, June 1938.
Aerial view of Lorenzi Park.
The restored Indian house at Lost City showing the lake only a few feet away. This is a portion of the first house restored
People swimming in the pool at the Las Vegas Ranch. Inscription on bottom of photo: In the plunge at Las Vegas.

View of damage to the railroad tracks.
Transcribed from back of photo: "The Old Ranch - at the Old Mormon Fort, Las Vegas Nevada - about 1940"

A view of the old Chadburn Place in St. Thomas and a car on a road that is being covered by water from Lake Mead
Two women standing near a row boat in the middle of St. Thomas as it is being covered by Lake Mead
Looking down the Colorado River from Observation Point, April 3, 1932, view of the beginning of construction of the Hoover Dam.
Postcard depicting an aerial view of the Las Vegas area as envisioned after the completion of Hoover Dam

Two men with boats exploring the walls of Fort Callville as Lake Mead submerges them.

Walls of Fort Callville surrounded by the rising waters of Lake Mead.

People standing near the Colorado River in Black Canyon at the start of Hoover Dam construction
Postcard depicting the boat landing at Hemenway Wash on Lake Mead

The Ruins of Fort Callville as they are submerged by Lake Mead.

Aerial photo of Kiel Ranch in 1974
Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch with a footbridge built over it

An outhouse located over an irrigation ditch in Corn Creek, Nevada

Picture taken from top of old windmill tower to the west of Corn Creek Ranch, Nevada
Bill and Ted Gilcrease splashing around in the swimming hole at the Gilcrease Ranch.

View of the McFarland Ranch pond from the kitchen of the ranch house

Las Vegas Creek running through the old Las Vegas Ranch with tents on the side

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