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View from the back side of the Lost City restorations looking out into the approaching water.
Man standing next to a water wheel in the Muddy River near Logandale, Nevada.

Aerial view of Las Vegas Strip, looking north from MGM Grand Hotel and the Dunes.

The remains of Daniel Bonelli's house on the Colorado River, covered by Lake Mead

Elbert Edwards standing on one of the walls of Fort Callville nearly surrounded by the rising waters of Lake Mead.

The tops of tamerisk trees show above the water line of Lake Mead at St. Thomas, Nevada.
Pump in the Colorado River for the upper concrete batch plant

Looking east from the bench over the Mormon Fort across the Las Vegas Valley.

Aerial view of Henderson looking south towards Railroad Pass

Mary Corkhill drawing a bucket of water from the Las Vegas Creek

Cottonwood Aerial Ferry carried customers between Searchlight, Nevada and Chloride, Arizona. It is now under Lake Mohave. Sign with ferry rates: Car $2.00, Truck $2.50, Motorcycle $1.00, Horseman .50, Stock .50, Pedestrian .25

Landing at Cottonwood on the Colorado River
Frederick and Earl Eglington and 'one of Dara's boys by the Eglington Well.

The remains of the St. Thomas school building about to disappear under the waters of Lake Mead.
A dumptruck and an excavator cleaning up Nelson's landing two days after the September 14, 1974 flood.
View from the northwest of the Lost City restorations.
Aerial view of Las Vegas looking north

View of Goodsprings from the bench over the town.

Ice in the Las Vegas Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch.

Aerial view of Twin Lakes/Lorenzi Park in 1965.
Raymond A. ''Pete'' West standing on flume of water wheel he built in 1936 on Muddy River near Logandale, Nevada

Three men in scuba gear on the rocks at Nelson's Landing the day after the September 14, 1974 flood.
Looking west across the Las Vegas Valley towards the Spring Mountains.
Peter Buol, first mayor of Las Vegas, and two other men next to a drilling rig and a flowing artesian well. Photograph was mounted on cardboard.
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