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View of Frenchman Mountain from the southwest.

The swimming pool at Ladd's Resort in Las Vegas.

Merle Emery ferry on the Colorado River

Three men on horses looking over Indian Springs
Aerial view looking north over Black Canyon, Hemenway Wash, and Fortification Hill

Hoover Dam worker and an Ingersoll Rand electric generator beside the Colorado River looking Northwest towards the Hemenway Wash.

Aerial photograph of Kiel Ranch and the home of Dr. John S. Park.

Unidentified ferry crossing the Colorado River.

Ernie Cragin shows Walter Bracken his artesian well at his home in Las Vegas.

Aerial photo of Las Vegas looking southeast, showing the high school and the LDS First Ward building.

Several people in swimming suits relaxing on a log in the water at Indian Springs

Colorized photograph of Fort Callville on the banks of the Colorado River.

Aerial view of the Colorado River, Hemenway Wash, and the site of Boulder City

Peter Buol (wearing hat) and William Pike next to an artesian well.

Gushing artesian well, the source of Las Vegas' water supply

William McGuff (right) and Old Man Mason (left) near an artesian well at the McGruff Ranch. Old Man Mason who brought the first automobile to town. Two photographic prints mounted on one piece of cardboard. It was verified that Paradise Road and...

Black Canyon before the construction of Hoover Dam

Shot of the podium during the 1905 auction of town sites in Las Vegas
The ponds at Lorenzi Park, Las Vegas

People swimming at the pool at the Las Vegas Ranch

Hand-drawn map of farm plots for missionaries at the Mormon Fort. Scale of Fort: 1/2 inch to 100 feet.
Aerial view of Las Vegas, looking north.

Hand-drawn map of the Mormon Fort and Las Vegas Valley from a letter to Brigham Young by John Steele
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