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Looking east through Hemenway Wash towards the Colorado River from the newly constructed Highway 93.

Photograph of bridge over Las Vegas Creek south of the Old Mormon Fort.

Two unidentified women standing next to the big Las Vegas Spring.

Unidentified people and car on the Merle Emery Ferry crossing the Colorado River.

Steamshovel working on the road to the Hoover Dam construction site looking east over the Colorado River.

Aerial view of the Colorado River looking north between Fortification Hill and Hemenway Wash.

Aerial view of Black Canyon prior to the construction of Hoover Dam

Five unidentified men swimming in pool near the salt mines near the confluence of the Virgin and Colorado Rivers.
Flowing artesian well and a group of unidentified people.

View of the Colorado River at the site of the Cashman Ferry

Water flowing through an irrigation headgate.

Aerial photo of Las Vegas looking south.

Ferry on the Colorado River, possibly Merle Emery Ferry

Aerial view of Las Vegas and Union Pacific Railroad yards.

Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking north.

Man working on a drilling rig at the Taylor Ranch.

Looking north up the Colorado River from Hemenway Wash.
Two women standing on the bridge that spans over the creek at Indian Springs, Nevada.

Hemenway Wash, located at the bend of the Colorado River just upstream of Black Canyon, before the construction of Hoover dam.

Aerial view of Railroad Pass looking south, U.S 93 and U.S. 95 can be seen as dirt roads.

Shack town filled with people waiting for jobs building the Hoover Dam.

View looking northeast over Blue Diamond towards the Spring Mountains.

Aerial view of Las Vegas looking northwest over the Union Pacific Railroad yards.

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