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Pacific Southwest water plan report, January, 1964, Floyd E. Dominy, Commissioner.
1964-01 (iso8601)
HR 3300 A Bill to Authorize the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the Colorado River Basin Project, and for other purposes, w/ an amendment, April 24, 1968
1968-04-24 (iso8601)
Report on Feasibility Bridge Canyon route Central Arizona Project, by E.A. Moritz, Bureau of Reclamation. Project Planning Report No. 3-8b.4-1, February 1947.
1947-02-14 (iso8601)
A mine is not forever, by Canyon Films of Arizona, n.d.
Ernest McFarland to John J. Rhodes re: Bridge Canyon and Upper Basin Project bill, March 8, 1956.
1956-03-08 (iso8601)
S 1013 : a bill to authorize the construction, operation and maintenance of the Central Arizona Project, Feb. 17, 1967.
1967-02-17 (iso8601)
Henry S. McCluskey and Thomas Maddock to Carl T. Hayden re: hydroelectric revenue, January 26, 1927.
1927-01-26 (iso8601)
Report of Colorado River Board on the Boulder Canyon Project to the Secretary of the Interior, 11/24/1928.
1928-11-24 (iso8601)
Colorado River Compact Signed at Sante Fe, New Mexico, November 24, 1922.
1922-11-24 (iso8601)
Eugene V. Frankel to Carl T. Hayden, February 23, 1962 re: Mexican water salinity and allocations, perspective of organization Democrats Abroad w/ printed resolution.
1962-02-23 (iso8601)
Transcript of U.S. Senate Boulder Canyon debate.
1928-12-11 (iso8601)
Colorado River Basin Project report together with Separate and Dissenting Views to Accompany HR 3300, 4/28/1968
1967 (iso8601)
Why I oppose the approval of the Colorado River Compact, by Geo. W.P. Hunt, Governor of Arizona, 1923?
1923 (iso8601)
Henry S. McCluskey to Carl T. Hayden re: Colorado River Compact water allocations and Swing-Johnson Bill, December 15, 1926.
1926-12-15 (iso8601)
Petition of residents of Graham County, Arizona opposed to the "Swing-Johnson Boulder Canyon Dam Bill", 1/14/1927.
1927-01-14 (iso8601)
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