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Morris K. Udall to William P. Copple, Jan. 16, 1964.
Morris K. Udall, Internal Memo for Olson and Lewis, June 18, 1965 (notes a poll taken by Governor Goddard…"water is the biggest question and problem on people's mind in AZ"…Question: "If we get the Central Arizona Project, who should receive the...
Morris K. Udall, Memo for CAP File, July 11, 1966.
News Advisory re: Morris K. Udall News Conference and Briefing from Salt River Project Officials and Tour of Orme Dam site.
News from Committee of Interior and Insular Affairs - Statement of Congressman Morris K. Udall, November 12, 1981, re: Central Arizona Project and Tucson Aqueduct.
Interior Committee Okays Safety of Dams Act (HR 1652) Amendments that will Allow Modifications to Six Arizona Dams, Including Roosevelt, Stewart Mountain and Coolidge.
News from: Committee of Interior and Insular Affairs, February 23, 1981 re: Subcommittee of Water and Power Resources to Hold Hearing in Tucson on Progress of Central Arizona Project.
News Release: Water Users in Tucson Valley Basin Have Reached Agreement on Legislative Settlement to Papago Water Rights Claims. Udall to Introduce the Southern Arizona Water Rights Settlement Act of 1981 to Congress.
Orren Beaty to Morris K. Udall, November 23, 1964 (Indian issues re: CAP v PSWP). Orme Dam and the Indian Problem.
Press Release, House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, Colorado River Basin Project Hearings Announced, February 22, 1967.
S.E. Reynolds to Walter Rogers, Chairman, Subcommittee on Irrigation and Reclamation, October 8, 1965.
Sam Goddard, Governor of Arizona, to Jim Shelton, June 7, 1966 - correspondence.
Statement re: Findings of Study Commissioned by Arizona Public Service re: Orme Dam and Alternatives, Support for Completion of the CAP Aqueduct.
Stewart L. Udall to Frank Snell, December 29, 1964 (briefing re: Secretary Udall's meeting with southern CA water leaders, MWD officials, LA Times publisher Otis Chandler).
Stewart L. Udall to John Frank, April 25, 1957.
Stewart L. Udall to Morris K. Udall, December 31, 1964.
Stewart L. Udall to Morris JK. Udall, September 4, 1963.
Stewart L. Udall to Roy Elson, Administrative Assistant to Carl Hayden, February 17, 1964 scathing letter to Elson, blaming him for drafting letter of February 7, 1964 and "playing politics" S. Udall says he will "expose" Roy for his misdeeds).
Summary, Southern Arizona Water Rights Settlement Act of 1981. Bill Authorizes Secretary of Interior to Enter Into a Contract with City of Tucson and Papago Tribe to Acquire and Deliver Water to the Reservation.
Thomas P. Tip O'Neill Jr., to Morris K. Udall, August 4,1966.
W. B. Barkley, Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives to Morris K. Udall, June 3, 1963.
W.S. Gookin, Memorandum for Congressmen Rhodes and Udall, March 15, 1966.
Wayne Akin to Morris K. Udall, August 21, 1964 (congratulating Udall in success on getting CAP hearings for the fall of 64).
Wayne Aspinall to Calvin L. Rampton, Governor of Utah, May 21, 1965.
H.R. 4671 Colorado River Basin Project Act: The Damns - Some Facts, by Ed Reinecke
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