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Collection of documents pertaining to contracts, bidding information, and plans for the construction of the Rockwood Intake Gate in the Imperial Valley.
Newspaper clipping of article quoting the entire text of an editorial published in the Washington Times regarding the debate around the All American Canal and the Kettner Bill. The quoted editorial article supports the All American Canal and the...

Newspaper clipping that quotes the entire text of the Kettner Bill.

Brochure advertising land and water prices by the Imperial Water Company.

Letter report to the board of directors, Imperial Water Company No. 1 regarding water delivery, industrial costs, canal maintenance, rainfall, levee management, and comparative delivery data. This report was also forwarded to Charles N. Perry in...
Value of stock of Sociedad Irrigacion Y Terrenos de la Baja. Describes land costs, distribution costs, water rights, and relationships between southern California, Arizona, and Mexico.

"Report on the Salton Basin Irrigation Project" by C. R. Rockwood which outlines plans for irrigating the Salton Basin with water from the Colorado River.
Letter to N. W. Stowell from Charles Poyler, cashier of the Farmers and Merchants National Bank regarding suit California Development Company vs. Imperial Land Company.
Report to alleviate fears about water accessibility and distribution within the Imperial Valley. Provides data about water use, acres in crop.
Letter to the board of directors, Imperial Water Company No. 1 regarding water delivery during the years of 1909-1914.
Letter to N. W. Stowell Esq. of the California Development Company from S. W. Fergusson, Imperial Land Company General Manager regarding a meeting with the board of directors that will be held in Yuma, Arizona.
Newspaper clipping and handwritten text attachment about the High Line Canal.
Resolution by the Federation of State Societies of Southern California endorsing the gravity flow of waters from the Colorado River into southwestern California. Inludes a map of the Colorado River Basin and the southwest, showing "Turle" gravity...
Rex Hardy, city attorney of Los Angeles, discusses water problems in the Colorado River Basin, the Boulder Canyon Project, and the relationship between California and Arizona.
Article written by Russell Denison Niles disussing the Arizona versus California legal dispute over water rights. Published within the New York University Law Quarterly Review, Volume X, Number 2, December 1932 issue.
Committee on Irrigation of Arid Lands, House of Representatives meeting, Friday, December 12, 1919.
Broadside rallying support in favor of the All-American Canal.

Flyer for barbecue event encouraging local Imperial Valley farmers to come and hear politicians discuss the Swing-Johnson Bill.

Colorado representative Edward T. Taylor's speech about the Boulder Canyon Bill and the filibuster against the Colorado River development.
Water and power resources committee of February 18, 1947 discussing the Boulder Canyon Project, the Colorado River, and water loss.
Notebook with handwritten notes by Willis Jones. Spine reads, "12 City of Chino."
Newspaper clippings related to a 1938 flood in Southern California.
Newspaper clippings related to a 1938 flood in Southern California.
Report about Temecula Creek's "principal tributary and the source of its only supply of perennial water."
Supplementary materials discussing the construction dimensions of canals.
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