One of the fun things about the Western Waters Digital Library is the variety of interesting historical documents you can find. The M.W.A.K Columbian Newsletter from Mason-Walsh-Atkinson-Kier CO was sent to residents of the area and workers on the Grand Coulee Dam Construction project.

The newsletters are full of useful tips like “Do not stand behind concrete buckets when being lifted!” and “Never look at the brilliant light from a welding arc!” The M.W.A.K. scoops column give you an overview of humor and riddles from 1937. These documents come from Washington State University’s Frank Arthur Banks Papers, 1913-1957. The Western Waters Digital Library has other historic newsletters from different organizations for you to browse as well.

The Dworshak Dam Collection was recently added to the Western Waters Digital Library. Here we have several photos documenting work on the diversion tunnel for the dam.

This collection contains “Digitized photographs and documents pertaining to the planning, development and construction of the Dworshak Dam, featuring documents and photographs detailing both the legislative and physical development of the dam.”

The Dworshak Dam collection comes from the University of Idaho Library.

In addition to the Dworshak Dam, you can search the Western Waters Digital Library for information on Dam Construction, the Hoover Dam, Flaming Gorge Dam, the Grand Coulee Dam, and much more!