Today we are featuring an item from Utah State University’s Digital Repository by David G Tarboton, “Measurements and Modeling of Snow Energy Balance and Sublimation from Snow

From the description, “Snow melt runoff is an important factor in runoff generation for most Utah rivers and a large contributor to Utah’s water supply and periodically flooding. The melting of snow is driven by fluxes of energy into the snow during warm periods. These consist of radiant energy from the sun and atmosphere, sensible and latent heat transfers due to turbulent energy exchanges at the snow surface and a relatively small ground flux from below. The turbulent energy exchanges are also responsible for sublimation from the snow surface, particularly in arid environments, and result in a loss of snow water equivalent available for melt. The cooling of the snowpack resulting for sublimation also delays the formation of melt runoff. This paper describes measurements and mathematical modeling done to quantify the sublimation from snow.”



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