This week’s featured item is the report “The Impact of Energy Shortage and Cost on Irrigation for the High Plains and Trans Pecos Regions of Texas,” which comes to the WWDL from the Texas A & M University Repository and the Texas Water Resource Institute.

From the description, “The High Plains and Trans Pecos regions of Texas are semi-arid crop production regions located in the western part of the state. Relatively low levels of rainfall are supplemented by irrigation from groundwater supplies. These regions produced 51 percent of the cotton, 42 percent of the grain sorghum, and 48 percent of the wheat produced in Texas in 1974 (Texas Crop and Livestock Reporting Service). Considering only irrigated production these percentages were 75, 85, and 91 percent of Texas irrigated crop production for cotton, grain sorghum and wheat respectively. The importance of the High Plains and Trans Pecos regions to Texas crop production are not limited to these three crops, however, these statistics do serve to illustrate the significance of these regions in the Texas agricultural economy.”

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