Here’s a sampling of recent news from states covered by the Western Waters Digital Library, along with some links to items in the WWDL:


Project to Recharge Aquifers with Columbia River Water-“The lack of water for both farmers and fish is a problem that’s plagued the arid West for years. Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to try a possible solution in the Umatilla Basin, where water would be withdrawn from the Columbia River during the winter and store it underground so it’s there to meet irrigation need months later.”


Find information in the WWDL on: the Columbia River, Umatilla Basin, water recharge


State could tap savings to pay for water – “A proposal to tap into the state’s savings account to start paying for water infrastructure may be picking up steam in the Texas Legislature. A day after Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst suggested the lawmakers should withdraw $1 billion from the $8 billion Economic Stabilization Fund to start paying for reservoirs and other sources of water, a San Antonio lawmaker filed a bill that would make this possible.”


Find information in the WWDL on: Water quality in Texas, browse collections from Texas A & M and the University of Texas


Does meeting mean Gov. Gary Herbert will sign controversial water deal?– “Gov. Gary Herbert met Tuesday with members of the Millard County Commission, a conciliatory move critics fear may be Herbert’s last before he signs a controversial water-sharing agreement with Nevada.The meeting happened one day after the Snake Valley Aquifer Advisory Council met in Millard County and unanimously voted to urge Herbert to hold off on the signing the groundwater division agreement — at least a little bit longer.”


State Water Plan Updated for First Time Since 1996: Plan changes management of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer and addresses water planning above Milner Dam. – “The Idaho Water Resource Board adopted a new state water plan last week, updating its outdated plan to address the supply and balance of Idaho’s most precious resource.”


San Diego approves pact for desalinated water – “San Diego’s regional water agency has approved a contract to buy the entire output of what would be the Western Hemisphere’s largest seawater desalination plant.”


Find information in the WWDL on: desalination


Interior works with tribes on Arizona water deal – “The Navajo Nation has taken a strong stance on what it wants in a Little Colorado River settlement, including immediate funding for water delivery projects, first right to the water over farmers and towns upstream, and the ability to market it off the reservation.”


Find information in the WWDL on: Native American Water RIghts and the Navajo Nation

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