We’ve added nine new collections to the Western Waters Digital Library recently. These collections complement existing historical materials in Western Waters, as well as adding to the number of current papers and technical reports that are available for research. Here is an overview of all the new additions!


From Oregon State University’s Scholar’s Archive, the following three collections were added, in addition to the Oregon State University Rising Flood Waters: 1964 Corvallis collection mentioned previously:


Marine Resource Management

Marine Resource Management is a science-based, interdisciplinary Master’s program at Oregon State University based in the College of Earth, Oceanic, and Atmosphere Sciences (CEOAS). A partnership from more than 40 faculty from CEOAS, Fisheries and Wildlife, Geosciences, Agricultural and Resource Economics, Bioresource Engineering, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Sea Grant extension specialist, scientists, and management professional from state and federal agencies, the collection covers areas in climate change, coastal processes, and hazards, fisheries management, marine pollution and water quality, marine conservation, and marine education and engagement.


Oregon Estuaries

A collection of Oregon’s estuaries and ecosystems for scientific study. The collection provides information on the Alsea Basin, Netarts Bay, Salmon River, Umpqua Basin, and Yaquina Bay and covers areas surrounding Oregon’s fisheries, wetland conservation, water pollution, water quality, water resources development, water supply, water temperature and some historic government documents.


Water Resources Graduate Program

A collection of theses and dissertations and Master’s project papers from Oregon State University Water Resources Graduate program. The collection provides research information in the areas of water resources engineering, water resources science, and water resources policy and management.


From the University of Washington Libraries Research Works Institutional Repository, a variety of technical reports and theses are included in these three collections:


Department of Oceanography Technical Reports


School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science Technical Reports


Fisheries Dissertations and Theses


From Oregon Institute of Technology’s Klamath Waters Digital Library

Crater Lake Digital Research Collection

The Crater Lake Digital Research Collection is a collaborative project between the Oregon Institute of Technology Library and Crater Lake National Park. It is a research collection of park-related scientific and historical/cultural materials for use by researchers, educators and others.


From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Digital Commons, Documents on Water Law has been added.


In addition to all the new collections, Colorado State University has made almost 1,000 items in their collection newly available for Western Waters Harvests.



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